Kim Kardashian looks unrecognizable in teen tennis camp photo after fans question her 'changing' face

KIM Kardashian shared a throwback photo in honor of her new KKW Beauty collaboration with a childhood best friend, and she looks completely unrecognizable.

Usually done up in a full face of makeup and extravagant outfits, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 39, looked fresh faced and wore a simple white T-shirt in her tennis camp photo.

Kim launched her KKW x Allison palette collection last week, in collaboration with her childhood best friend, Allison Statter, a cofounder of the influencer marketing and PR agency Blended Strategy Group.

In celebration of the collab’s release, Kim shared on Instagram some of the sweet letters the two would send each other, as well as a picture of the two of them attending tennis camp.

The mother of four, who’s married to Kanye West, shared a group photo, explaining: “This is Allison and I in tennis camp. Let me see if I can find us. 

“That’s me and Allison, right at the top together. We went to Bassett-Martin Tennis Camp in Ojai [California].”

Pointing to the top left of the picture, a young Kim can clearly be seen, with her signature pout, but the rest of her look is completely different from how she presents herself in present day.

In her Instagram Story, right before this throwback photo, the TV personality is seen putting on make-up, with thickened eyebrows, glossed-up lips, full lashes, lined eyes and blushed-on cheeks, a big contrast from her younger look.

Kim often posts photos from her childhood, and fans recognize some of her features while also noticing her face has changed in the years since.

It reportedly costs Kim – who’s had botox and sometimes shares her various beauty procedures on social media and KUWTK – more than $100,000 per month to keep up with her face, body and skin regime.

On top of that, her followers often point out that a lot of what they usually see on her Instagram has likely been photoshopped, sometimes pointing out evidence of such, and that a lot has been filtered and edited in other ways.

In another shot of Kim and Allison, this one from their college days, the reality star had a completely different hairstyle and make-up look.

She cut her hair very short, with a side-swept bang, close to her mom Kris Jenner’s look, and also wore turquoise eyeliner.

The 39-year-old isn’t the only one who fans said have a “changing face,” with Khloe Kardashian recently clapped back "be nice or get grounded" after a follower suggested she looks different in a photo she shared with daughter True.

Ahead of the launch of her new beauty collection, Kim visited Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to shoot a campaign while wearing a pink bikini after reconnecting with her husband Kanye amid their marriage struggles.

On Friday, The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a selfie of herself wearing some of the new make-up, and she included a short video of her and Allison hanging out, talking about each other’s accomplishments.

Kim stars off, saying: “Allison has worked her a** off her whole life, being able to figure out every step of the way, being able to start her own business that is super successful.

“…She will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world.”

Allison jumps in to talk about the KKW Beauty founder: “Kim has worked her entire life, from when we were in high school, she worked. 

“When we were in college, she worked. Out of college, she worked. There was never a moment Kim wasn’t supporting herself.

“…I almost don’t have word for how proud I am of Kim because this is someone that I’ve known since we were in diapers, and we have gone through life together.”

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