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KIM Kardashian critics have accused the Hulu star of losing her it factor after seemingly botching her one-of-a-kind look with plastic surgery.

The Skims founder's new look was discussed and debated on a popular Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board.

The post, titled: "She kinda lost her IT factor idk…." included a mixed bag of throwback photos that showed Kim, 42, during the mid-2010s.

In the comment thread, one fan wrote: "These eras were so fly…they were switching it up every year and setting trends. She also looked so fresh post-North."

Another person commented: "Yep. Every time I see her these days I think, 'She's the least interesting to look at.'"

"Exactly. Also over the years the spark is lost in their eyes," added a third.

A fourth fan stated: "Because most people don’t care about celebrities anymore. These eras were like PEAK social media times."

While a fifth commenter argued: "I'd say people still care. Look at how popular other celebrities still are. Zendaya, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez… Most people just don't care about Kim Kardashian anymore."

One person reasoned: "I think it just depends on what celebrities, like look at most middle age male celebrities. They’re really popular now because they’re hot and interesting."

They continued: "The Kardashians have put so much of themselves out there and just aren’t interesting anymore, plus the surgeries, fillers and botox made alot of people not able to stand them."

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A seconded fan commented: "I think when you see SO much of someone they kind of just become…eh. I don’t know how else to describe it. They lose their wow factor after a while."

"Overexposure," contributed a third.

A fourth argued: "She’s still the it girl, because she’s the most talked about celeb (except singers and actor[s]) who has big numbers and pulls internet traffic, but her fashions with Balenciaga made a lot of people get tired of her image."

Referencing the photos, another fan stated: "Before her facelift, her face looked so soft and feminine."

While a sixth commenter stated: "We can all pick on her for other things but the woman is beautiful."


Recently, Kim was seemingly caught in a lie about her plastic surgery after critics found what they considered to be clear proof of a major fib in telling photos.

The supposedly telling pics were posted to Reddit in a post titled, "Why do they bother lying to us?"

Snapshots and video screengrabs of Kim were uploaded to prove that The Kardashians star has undergone plastic surgery.

The first pic was a screengrab taken from the star's Hulu show, the second showed Kim applying her SKKN by Kim facial cleanser, and the third appeared to be another screenshot taken from a makeup tutorial.

The post's fourth photo was an up-close selfie that featured an arrow pointing to the "scar" under Kim's nose while the fifth was a red carpet snapshot that appeared to capture the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum in an unfavorable light.

In the comment thread, one person wrote: "Pinched neck from neck lift, scars around the years from facelift, scars under the nose from a nose job."

"Scars under the nose could also be from a lip lift," added another.

A third critic agreed, as they speculated: "She certainly for 100% sure has facelift scars at her ears. Curious if they went in and did the jaw implant at the same time.

"She also has scars under her nose from was probably a lip lift because her philtrum was left so, so long after her most recent nose job."

A fourth critic commented: "Not only the scarring, her skin looks so f**king tired. (Pics 3-5 especially). Probably from sun exposure and not removing her makeup like ever."

While a fifth commenter remarked: "I think what bothers me so much is the fact that they could be honest, show natural skin and how it looks with and without makeup, and the process of getting it done without all the crazy filters and photoshop.

"They could actually reach a demographic of [women] who could relate to this. Instead they continue to push these awful touched up photos that look insane and unrealistic which result in people hating it and talking trash."

They concluded: "At this point in their careers it’s time to become more relatable than fake."


Last year, Kim's fans thought she has had a secret facelift after spotting what appear to be clues in her daughter North's TikTok.

The then-nine-year-old shared a close-up video of Kim's face while giving her mom a Minions-inspired makeover.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed subtle wrinkles in front of Kim's ear at one point in the video.

They claimed the small lines are tell-tale scars of a facelift.

Sharing a screenshot of the wrinkles on an online forum, one fan wrote: "At this point Kim just dgaf about people knowing about the face lift scar."

Another added: "At this point, Kim wants us to talk about her cosmetic surgery scars. No judgment whatsoever but let’s be real…."

A third posted: "She’s really not even trying to hide that scar anymore is she."

Kim has faced years of gossip over whether she's had a nose job and cheek and lip fillers, as well as speculation over her famous curves.

The reality TV star denied getting any plastic surgery on her face and insisted she has only ever had a little bit of Botox on her forehead during an interview with Allure.

Kim explained: "I’ve never done anything. I have a drop of mascara on today. I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips.

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