‘Keep it clean! Rod Stewart issued warning over awkward substance use comment

The One Show: Rod Stewart asked to keep things clean

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Lauren Laverne and Jermaine Jenas were joined in the studio on Tuesday evening by Sir Rod Stewart and Rosamund Pike. At the top of the show, they checked in on Sophie Ellis Bextor, who is raising money for Children in Need with a Dance-a-thon. Wanting to include their guests, Jermaine asked how long they could last on the dance floor but had to issue a warning to Sir Rod when he heard his answer.

Jermaine remarked: “Rod, Rosamund, I imagine you both enjoy a bit of time on the dance floor yourselves.

“Rod, what is the longest you reckon you’ve been out on the dance floor?”

“Erm, well it depends what substances I took before,” the musician replied.

The One Show studio fell silent as Rod laughed with Jermaine warning: “Let’s keep it clean!”

“Three hours, three and a half hours,” Rod answered. “On and off.”

Thankfully, Rod managed to keep it clean for the rest of the interview as he spoke about his latest music.

Jermaine commented: “Rod, Sophie was just listening to a classic of yours there. But let’s talk about some of your latest music.

“You’ve got a new album out called The Tears of Hercules, on it, you write about your dad, your wife, people who are close to your heart.

“What was the decision to write something so personal?”

“When you make an album, you don’t decide, ‘I’m going to make a really personal album,’ the songs just fall out the sky, you know,” Rod replied.

“You get the right track and I always have a list of titles and Touchline, which is the one about my dad, I always wanted to write it about football.

“You have to wait for the right track, like how you have to wait for the right movie before you fit into it and think, ‘I could do that.’”

Jermaine continued: “So in your mind you’ve always wanted to write that kind of song but have been waiting for the moment?”

“Yeah, you wait for the right vehicle,” Rod confirmed.

A clip of Sir Rid’s latest video, shot outside Buckingham Palace, was then shown before he was probed on how the shoot came about.

“I wonder what the tourist’s made of you?” Lauren asked.

“It was like a hit and run,” Sir Rod explained. “You know, we’d pull up in the van, we did get permission to be in the mall, but we did push our luck.

“We thought, ‘Come on, let’s go for it,’ and no one stopped us. We got out the van, filmed it, and got back in the van.

“It turned out wonderful. How many people have Buckingham Palace in the background? It’s just tremendous.”

The One Show airs weekdays on BBC One at 7pm.

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