‘Justice League’s’ Ray Fisher Tweets Out New Complaint, WarnerMedia Immediately Responds

Fisher has been at-odds with Warner Bros. since last summer, alleging he was mistreated by Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League. The running battle has included shots at Walter Hamada, the president of DC Films.

According to WarnerMedia, Hamada heard Fisher out, Warner Bros. investigated, and then had the investigation taken over by Warner Media. That examination of Fisher’s complaints found no issues worthy of pursuit.

However, Fisher’s complaints of mistreatment on the set were later bolstered by recent comments from staffers involved in other Whedon productions. They complained of a belittling style and favortism dividing casts and writers by Whedon, who has yet to respond to the allegations.

WarnerMedia responded to today’s Fisher tweets in a statement: “Once again there are false statements being made about our executives and our company surrounding the recent Justice League investigation. As we have stated before, an extensive and thorough third-party investigation was conducted. Our executives, including Walter Hamada, fully cooperated, no evidence was found of any interference whatsoever, and Warner Bros. did not lie in the press. It’s time to stop saying otherwise and move forward productively. “

The WarnerMedia statement was backed by Katherine B. Forrest, the investigator ad former federal judge who headed the Fisher investigation.

“I am disappointed by continued public statements made suggesting that Walter Hamada in any way interfered with the Justice League investigation.  He did not. I interviewed him extensively on more than one occasion and specifically interviewed him concerning his very limited interaction with Mr. Fisher.  I found Mr. Hamada credible and forthcoming.  I concluded that he did nothing that impeded or interfered with the investigation. To the contrary, the information that he provided was useful and advanced the investigation.”

The extended director’s cut of Justice League by Zack Snyder will premiere on HBO Max on March 18.

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