Julianne Hough Reacts to Being Pelted In the Neck by Paula Abdul at the Billboard Music Awards

The “Dancing with the Stars” alum takes to Twitter after going viral at the Billboards.

Paula Abdul brought down the house at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night … and may have injured Julianne Hough in the process.

The ’80s singer and former "American Idol" judge closed the show with a medley of her greatest hits, as the 56-year-old proved she’s still got all her moves by dancing through "Straight Up," "The Way That you Love Me," "Opposites Attract" — with MC Skat Kat! — "Cold Hearted Snake" and "Forever Your Girl."


While Hough was clearly enjoying the performance — seriously, the camera cut to her every 30 seconds for a reaction shot — she got an unexpected surprise when Abdul took the routine through the audience and threw her hat at the "Dancing with the Stars" judge. Julianne, however, was not in on the moment, didn’t see the hat coming and was hit directly in the throat.

The mid-performance accident quickly became a meme on social media and Hough only leaned into it from there. After the performance, Julianne first proved there was no bad blood by sending out the tweet below:

She then retweeted the moment she took a hit.

After returning to her hotel room later that night, she shared another photo on Twitter with a towel wrapped around her throat, calling the drive by "an honor."

Eventually, it all got back to Abdul, who had the best reaction of all: "OMG IM PEEING MY PANTS!!!!! You know it was with love ??? xoP"

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