Jeremy Kyle guest with 'teeth like Brillo pads' tried to stab his sister while high on crack cocaine

JEREMY Kyle viewers were horrified today by a thief with a £150-a-day drug habit and "Brillo pad teeth" who threatened to stab his own sister.

Adam, who was branded a "total scumbag" by the host, even admitted smoking "a few pipes of crack" before coming on the show.

Jeremy, 53, roared at the young dad: "You're a violent, drug-taking threat to society. I'd lock you up."

Addressing the moment he tried to attack sister Nikita, he told him: "You did attempt to stab her. You were going to stab her, yeah?"

Adam, who admitted taking ecstasy, cannabis, cocaine, crack and amphetamines, whined: "But I was under the influence of drugs and alcohol."

When Jeremy bought up the moment he assaulted a female family friend, Adam replied matter-of-factly: "She gave me a black eye so I gave her one back. Simple as."

The thug said he carried a knife because "a lot of people want to take me out the game" – but that didn't impress Jeremy.

He told him: "You're not a gangster, you're a little boy mate."

When the show doctor examined him, he announced: "His dental decay is horrendous. He is without a doubt not going to be keeping any of his teeth any time soon."

The state of the addict's teeth were also a hot topic on Twitter, with one viewer writing: "Teeth like brillo pads ??."

Another wrote: "Not keeping his teeth, nothing new on here."

A third insisted: "Maybe if He was under the influence of Dettol and a bar of soap he would be better ? ."

Another raged: "Having your own sister scared of you. Shameful. Whether he's asking for help or not, he needs a hiding for wake- up call."

However, Adam did get help, with the lad being taken away to rehab at the end of the show.

Jeremy told his sobbing sister: "Nikita, your brother's going to rehab. When I say 12 weeks residential, I need 12 weeks. The medical detox. It's hard."

In the end, he even managed to say sorry to his sister, with the pair hugging before the car came to take him into care.

It's far from the first time a Jeremy Kyle guest's teeth have gripped the nation.

Another drug addict's gnashers recently astonished viewers – while Gemma Winter got so much stick for her protruding front teeth that the show paid £10,000 to have them fixed.


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