Jeopardy!: Mayim Bialik & Ken Jennings To Host Syndicated Game Show Through End Of 2021

Mayim Bialik is getting her temporary gig as host of the syndicated Jeopardy! extended. The actress and host of Jeopardy!‘s primetime specials and spinoffs, will share hosting duties with former champion Ken Jennings. The two will host shows that will air through the end of the calendar year.

Bialik, who guest hosted earlier this year in the wake of Alex Trebek’s death, was initially scheduled to tape three weeks of episodes (15 episodes) following the abrupt exit of Mike Richards as permanent host after one day of filming amid controversy.

She will now host episodes that will start airing Sep. 20 through Nov. 5. After that, Bialik and Jennings, the first guest host to succeed Trebek after his death and a Jeopardy! consulting producer, will split hosting duties as their schedules allow.

Jeopardy! kicked off its new season this week with the five episodes Richards taped during his single day as a permanent host.

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When Richards stepped down as host  last month, he said, in his role as EP, that the show “will be bringing back guest hosts.” He subsequently was let go as an executive producer of both Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. 

And, following the strong backlash from fans that the first parade of guest hosts has received, Jeopardy! has now scrapped the plans for another.

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