Jennifer Lawrence Draws Laughter During Surprise ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Appearance

In the latest episode of the Kardashian clan’s reality series, the ‘Red Sparrow’ actress answers Scott Disick’s FaceTime call for Kris Jenner while drinking from a large glass of red wine.

AceShowbizJennifer Lawrence made a surprise appearance on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on Sunday night, May 05, as she fielded Kris Jenner‘s FaceTime calls.

The Oscar-winning actress has never made a secret of her love of the famous family, and has become close friends with the reality stars. But fans were stunned to see her pop up on the latest episode of the clan’s series on Sunday night, as Scott Disick called Kris to get her opinion on a piece Khloe Kardashian had painted during an art class.

Instead of Kris answering the phone, Jennifer’s face popped up, with the screen star identifying herself as “Jennifer f**king Lawrence, that’s who you’re talking to!”

Clearly unimpressed with her appearance, and in a tone which suggested it’s not the first time Jennifer has taken charge of Kris’ phone, Scott then replied, “Not that you’re not very famous and beautiful, but can I talk to Kris?”

Unwilling to give up the phone, Jennifer hit back, “I am the new Kris.”

Drinking from a large glass of red wine, she attempted to impersonate the world-famous matriarch as she continued, “I’m gonna be real, we wouldn’t be having this much fun if you were all here. I love you all so much and you make me proud everyday. You’re doing amazing, sweetie!”

Following his art class with Khloe, Scott turned to his art appraiser pal Michael Goodman to get a value on the mother-of-one’s paintings.

But, unimpressed by the creations, Michael commented that they could have been painted “by a three-year-old”, and added, “I would say this is worth less than the materials. Normally, I could give you a material value, meaning what the canvas costs, but this is actually less, because now we don’t have the materials. They’re not intact.”

“I really don’t know what someone would genuinely pay for these… And tell her to stay away from glitter.”

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