Jasmine Harman mortified as A Place in the Sun couple refuse to view property: ‘Dreadful’

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Pat and David wanted to find their dream home in Portugal and had been thinking of moving abroad to start their retirement for a number of years. Jasmine Harman was quick to come up with a selection of properties for them to look at but the first on A Place in the Sun didn’t live up to Pat and David’s expectations.

The presenter took Pat and David to view a three bedroom, two bathroom house which would need little to no work.

It also had a big garden with some fruit trees at the back of the house where they could have dogs running around.

However, the grand scale of the property failed to impress the couple and they struggled to view themselves living there.

“Do you want to view the outside space?” Jasmine asked before showing off the land the house came with.

When they looked out, she explained: “This is your garden. Obviously, I know it’s massively overgrown at the moment but the agent reckons you can get someone to come with a ride on mower twice a year and it would cost about £30 each time.

“It will keep the grass down low.”

However Pat wasn’t convinced as she told Jasmine: “In my opinion, it’s too much.”

“Far too grand for what we’re after,” David added. “Far too big.”

“Things are on too grand a scale, too big a scale,” Pat continued.

Jasmine asked: ”So what are you thinking? Do you want to see the rest of this?”

“I don’t think there’s much point,” Pat replied. “If the bedrooms are on a grand scale like this, I’ll be forever cleaning. Life is too short.”

Jasmine agreed to cut short the property viewing realising it was not suitable for the couple.

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“David and Pat might not be too keen on this place despite it offering a lot of the things they were after,” Jasmine remarked.

“But I still think it’s a really good property for the right person.

“It’s on the market for just under £145,000.”

Commenting on how the property search was going, Jasmine exclaimed: “Well, what a dreadful start.”

Fortunately, the search picked up and Pat and David found a property they loved.

The final property was perfect for the couple and despite it being on the market for £146,000, their lower offer was accepted.

David and Pat were overcome with emotion as they realised they would be moving into their dream home and could retire.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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