Janet Street-Porter shares health concerns over memory loss

Janet Street-Porter on why she does brain training exercises

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Loose Women panelist Janet Street-Porter, 76, described concerns she has about her health on the latest episode of the ITV daytime show. As the panelists discussed the topic of brain exercises and brain age, the journalist revealed she regularly plays word challenges and card games because she is “really worried” about memory loss.

Straightforward Janet admitted she fears memory deterioration as co-stars Ruth Langsford, Brenda Edwards, and Katie Piper talked about whether they do any form of brain training.

“It apparently keeps you young, it’s what you need to be doing,” Ruth stated.

She added: “And Janet, I didn’t know how often you did it!”

“Well, I don’t call it brain training – I do play Scrabble word games against the computer,” Janet explained.

She continued: “I do it four times a day and I’m now playing on the highest level.”

Explaining that she likes winning, Ruth joked: “I think we’ve gathered that!”

She went on to ask: “But do you do it because you’re concerned about keeping your memory going?”

“I’m really, really worried about memory loss,” Janet confessed, repeating: “I’m really worried about that.

“And I think as you get older, you have different kinds of memory loss.

“I mean, you can have short-term memory loss and I can forget what I was wearing last week, so I write loads of things down in my diary, and I’ve always kept a diary anyway.

“But playing word games like that, you can’t win them straight out, so you’re trying to work out the strategy to win.

“And I play card games for the same reason. I play a card game until I’ve beaten my opponent. Then I move on to another one.”

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Ruth replied: “I have to say I don’t. I know there are brain training apps out there now that I don’t use.

“I do worry about memory loss because I’ve got Alzheimer’s in my family.

“And so when I have those moments where your mind goes blank, it’s like someone’s literally wiped my memory.”

The former This Morning star added: “That frightens me, I don’t find it amusing.

“If I go, ‘Where have I put that?’ that’s fine. But when I suddenly go, ‘Oh my PIN Number or something that I’ve had for years?’ That frightens me.”

Katie explained how she uses adult colouring books for relaxation which could be interpreted as a form of brain training.

“I’m not one for the puzzles,” Brenda chimed. “Because I’m a West End actress you have to like train your brain to remember things so I think that’s a really way of doing it.”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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