Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals She Accidentally Put Popcorn into Her Ear Instead of AirPods

Jamie Lee Curtis is getting a little silly in quarantine!

The actress, 62, shared on her Instagram account on Sunday with a photo of a piece of popcorn in her ear — which she says she thought was an AirPod.

"So I'm definitely over this whole isolation thing," she wrote.

"I picked up my ear pod and put it in my ear and was trying to figure out why I couldn't hear. 🍿"

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On Monday, Curtis announced she's working on a new project, joining Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart for the film adaptation of the western science fiction video game Borderlands.

"THE SECRET GOT OUT!" she wrote on Instagram with a screenshot of a Deadline article reporting the news. "Attention gamer, adventure and comedy fans! Pinch me NOW. @lionsgate had me at Cate!"

She continued, "I'm looking forward to joining Ms Blanchett and @kevinhart4real and a host of others in @realeliroth BORDERLANDS and run and gun and laugh and kick some major ASS! #borderlandsmovie"

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Curtis has been dabbling in other projects over the last year during quarantine. In August, she talked to PEOPLE about working with two of her godchildren on an Audible podcast, Letters from Camp.

The serialized middle school tale stars Curtis, who also produced the project, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal. It was written by Boco Haft, one of her goddaughters. It was Haft's own childhood letters from camp that inspired the podcast.

"This is a T.V. show," Curtis said she told Haft when she read her old letters. "We started talking about it with her to write it. And then the podcast people heard about it. They went insane for it. Because really a podcast is TV for your ears."

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