James Charles feud could be a publicity stunt for Tati Westbrook to gain more followers, says expert

JAMES Charles’ downfall could be part of a publicity stunt for Tati Westbrook, according to an industry expert.

YouTuber James has lost an astounding number of followers after Tati released a video slamming various aspects of his personality, while she has enjoyed a drastic increase in subscribers.

Speaking about the internet feud, which has gripped the online YouTuber community, Jack Cooper –  Publicist at Ed Hopkins PR – has suggested it might not be so straight forward.

He told us: “No one will ever know the truth of why this actually all started, however maybe this could have been a press stunt for Tati to gain followers or a genuine exposure of James Charles.

“Tati felt betrayed by James promoting another company ‘Sugar Bear Hair’ for money over choosing to advertise Tati’s own beauty supplement brand.”

Make-up artist James released an apology video shortly after Tati made her claims, but it has not been enough to sedate his followers – and it has become the most disliked YouTube video ever.

According to Jack, an influencer’s career can be extremely “unreliable” and it’s essential to have the right group of people around them.

He explained: “Although influencers’ careers seem to be at their peak storming the marketing industry, it is still an extremely unreliable career to be entering into the world of.

“The YouTube industry is extremely competitive and now seems to be incredibly hard to enter into as to make it now, you almost need to be in with the right group of friends to even stand a chance of making this a career.”

Offering a word of warning, he added:  “Influencers need to be careful and be aware that this isn’t a stable long term career and one false move with an advertisement or promotion that fans don’t agree with can almost cost them their career.”

Jack believes that James will be able to save his career but it’s going to be very hard at this stage because he’s got himself into a very “difficult situation”.

He advised: “It’s fair to say everyone makes mistakes, however I think he needs to put his mental health first as this situation is damaging and could cause long term effects not only to himself but also his career.

“I think the best move for him now would be to take a step back and have a break before returning to YouTube.”

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