Its too late! Keegan on the spot as Hawkins exposes key Covid rule inconsistency

Gillian Keegan grilled by Hawkins on ’late action

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Charlotte Hawkins noted scientists have been warning that delays in the implementation of stricter coronavirus rules may mean measures could lose their power to tackle the spread of the Omicron variant. Boris Johnson this week confirmed no further restrictions will be implemented ahead of Christmas despite the concerning spike in fresh Covid infections grappling the UK. Tory Minister Gillian Keegan insisted the Government continues to look at the data and is ready to act if necessary.

Ms Hawkins said: “Isn’t there an issue though that by the time potentially we get that data, it will be too late?

“Because the phrase we’ve all heard is it’s baked in by then, isn’t it?

“Those numbers have got to a stage where so many people will have been infected and then there will be inevitable hospitalisations.

“But if action isn’t taken, if don’t anticipate this before we get confirmation of it, then it’s going to get out of control.”

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Ms Keegan insisted the British Government has been looking to find the right balance with the measures being taken against Omicron.

She said: “That’s where we need to get the balance, and we need to balance the risks.

“Obviously, if you’ve got something that it’s highly infectious, and we know the infections are doubling every couple of days, if you just took that input then you would basically say, ‘ok, we’re going to make this analysis.’

|But, of course, things are different. The vaccines, the efficacy of the vaccines, the booster jab, how quickly you get those jabs into people’s arms. We don’t know the severity rates of the disease yet, we’re looking at the hospitalisations and tragically the death numbers, we look at those very carefully.”

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