India Willoughby branded an ‘attention seeking liar’ as pictures emerge of her with drag queens following huge ‘phobia’ bust-up

CELEBRITY Big Brother’s India Willoughby has been branded an “attention seeker” and a “liar” after fans discovered she posted selfies with drag queens – despite saying she had a phobia of them in a shocking outburst.

The transgender journalist has repeatedly said she is “scared” of drag queens since learning Courtney Act was entering the house, and tonight had a huge bust-up with Andrew Brady after he dressed in drag.

Housemates were left baffled when India became upset and went to bed following Andrew’s skit, and later compared men dressing as women to the appallingly racist Black and White Minstrel shows.

India has also said she doesn’t get involved in LGBTQ events – leaving viewers all the more shocked seeing as they dug up pictures of her posing with drag queens at Pride.

Pouting next to a drag act in one tweet in May, she wrote: “Harrogate Pride – fabulous! Fun day @Pride_Diversity – great atmosphere!!! @hausofdench”

In another she wrote: “Conchita – what are you doing here? The fab ladies of @hausofdench @Pride_Diversity”

And as viewers discovered the tweets they shared them in their masses and pointed out India’s inconsistencies.

One wrote: “So @IndiaWilloughby #CBBIndia claims to be terrified of drank queens! Well I think she is the biggest lair and biggest attention seeker on TV! So sick of her making everything about her! #GiveItARest @bbuk #CBB”

CBB #CBBIndia”

Another ranted: “I knew it… fear of drag queens my arse. She's just being disrespectful, attention seeking and rude! Either that or her "fear" is being seriously exaggerated! #CBB”



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While someone else pointed out how she is “negative for the transgender community.”

They said: “Phobia ??? She is an embarrassment…playing the victim card constantly. She’s negative for the transgender community.. not positive..! this is becoming THE worst #CBB ever..! Channel 5 are losing it.”

India left viewers horrified tonight when she compared Andrew entering the room in drag to the infamous TV show, saying: “Like in the old days when black and white minstrels would put on a show and everyone would cheer.”

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