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WIFE Swap has been the epitome of noughties TV for almost two decades.

But by taking part in the show, some individuals in the likes of Stephen Fowler have struggled in the aftermath of their episodes.

While a stint in reality TV may be appealing for some who dream of a Kardashian lifestyle, some people could pay harshly for their fifteen minutes of fame.

For Stephen Fowler, appearing in reality show Wife Swap in 2009, during its fifth season, cost him his job as he was nicknamed the "worst husband in the world."

But speaking to The Noe Valley Voice in 2011, the former contestant said his image had actually all been down to production.

According to him, he had been asked by producers to play an over-the top and uptight husband.

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"They strongly encouraged me to be acerbic. I was playing a character. I was playing a role … like Simon Cowell on steroids. I overreacted", Stephen told The Noe Valley Voice.

He clearly took his role seriously.

During his appearance in the American version of the program, Stephen had called a rural Missouri woman's two-week stay in his San Francisco home stupid and simple.

The Brit made things worse with his condescending treatment of Gayla Long, a mother of four hailing from a family who enjoys fast food and paintball.

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Stephen wrote her off, complaining about her behaviour and making degrading statements.

"Your two languages seem to be bad English and redneck", he most notably said.

While his antics have remained a staple on YouTube, Stephen also received several threatening phone calls and social media messages not long after the show aired.

His performance on the show even led to an online blog titled StephenFowlerSucks.com and a Facebook group, "I Can not Stand Stephen Fowler from ’Wife Swap.'"

Stephen's own wife even urged him to get professional help on her own blog.

But the outcry took a nasty turn when it led to Stephen losing his job as chief financial officer at a solar company.

Unfortunately, Stephen hadn't been able to clear things up for the first year following his appearance on Wife Swap, due to a contract he had signed.

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No longer restrained, Stephen freely admits he cringes at his appearance on the show.

"I do regret going on the show", he said, "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

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