I May Destroy You fans’ ‘blood runs cold’ as they spot terrifying shadow figure after pausing bedroom scene

I MAY Destroy You fans were left terrified when they spotted a chilling shadow figure looming over Arabella during one of the episodes.

One viewer of the popular BBC consent drama took to Twitter to highlight the clever imagery – which has spurred on plenty of others to figure out exactly what it means.

The 12-part drama follows the story of a young woman called Arabella and how she comes to terms with her own sexual assault.

I May Destroy you touches upon a range of topics including date rape, consent, drug use, threesomes, black queerness, stealthing and taboos surrounding period sex.

One eagle-eyed fan took to Twitter to point out something that the majority of viewers didn't see during episode nine, Social Media Is A Great Way To Connect.

With a still of Arabella sitting in her bedroom and the spooky shadow looking over her, he wrote: "For all the column inches about I May Destroy You, I've not seen anyone address this unsettling figure at the start of ep 9, which has disappeared by the next comparable shot"

Fans flocked to the comment section to discuss the meaning behind it all – and some just couldn't believe their eyes.

One replied: "Me either and I need to know and I think I’ve read everything and it’s all I can think about!"

Another said: "THANK YOU I watched this late at night and it made my blood run cold, Googled it and no one was talking about it… have thought about it often!"

Many gave their own opinion on what the figure represents, with some believing the figure is meant to represent her, and some even had to rewind the TV to make sure they weren't seeing things.

One fan said: "This is so brilliant. Prior to that shot we see what she is struggling with – constant thoughts of that image – millions of different men’s faces. She then responds to Ben; 'yeah just tired' and I think this shot is a visual metaphor for what she really feels. Exhausted. Dead."

A second tweeted: "Or maybe she is so detached from the trauma that she feels nothing. Whatever happened exists only as a monstrous other that she can't see or touch."

Another added: "I saw it – I assumed it was meant to be her, from the episode before when she walks into the sea. Only problem with that theory, is that in the sea, she was wearing pink shoulder-length hair, but this figure looks to have longer dark hair."

A fourth said: "Its her, isn’t it? And I think it’s the version of her that’s in the flashback to after her abortion. And doesn’t it turn to the camera? I felt like it was a 'you can delete your demons for now but they’re waiting and they’ll be back' type thing…"

The gripping drama has been a huge hit for 32-year-old Michaela, who created, wrote, directed and starred in it.

It has captivated audiences with its brutally honest look at consent and healing – which are all based on Michaela's own experiences.

During a night out, the aspiring writer's drink was spiked and the series follows her journey to recovery after she was raped during a night out with friends.

The show also touches upon other issues of consent through the depiction of Arabella's friends Terry and Kwame.

Despite the show being a huge success, Michaela admits a second series is unlikely – but she does have some equally exciting projects in her mind.

She told the Obsessed With… podcast: "It is in the back of my mind. And I keep telling this idea to wait because we’ve got to finish giving birth to I May Destroy You before I start thinking about having other children!”

The Chewing Gum star didn't give any further details of what she has planned for her next project, but she did advise fans to rewatch the series.

She revealed: "There are Easter eggs littered all over that show and I think you have to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch to really begin enjoying it.”


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