I Hate Suzie viewers demand second series after bingeing every episode of Billie Piper drama in one day

BILLIE Piper fans are demanding a second season of her new show I Hate Suzie after bingeing every episode of the drama in one day. 

Fans rushed to social media to congratulate the actress and singer on her successful series, and demand a second. 

The actress stars in and also co-directs Sky Atlantic's edgy new drama I Hate Suzie with Succession writer Lucy Prebble.

Posting their delight to Twitter and fans desperately asked for a second season of the messy drama. 

One viewer gushed: “@billiepiper Please tell me there's a second series in the works-That cannot be the end! I've just binge watched all day. Effing Brilliant! And I'm sat sobbing at that last scene #IHateSuzie”

“It’s been a looooong time since I binged watched anything, but I was HOOKED on #IHateSuzie I watched the full series in one go, mainly because of how incredible @billiepiper is in it. What a great piece of television!,” added a second.

“Binge watching #IHateSuzie it’s brilliant Two hearts you should download and watch it all now @billiepiper is so good in it,” wrote another. 

While a fourth added: “Watched 3 eps of #IHateSuzie & seriously contemplating foregoing actual sleep to binge the rest of the series tonight. It’s brilliant. There’s something unique, fresh & joyous about it. Bravo & thanks to @billiepiper and @lucyprebblish for creating this absolute belter.”

Billie, 37, and Lucy, 40, had an instant connection from their first meeting on ITV 2 drama Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which they worked on back in 2007.

After the show ended in 2011, the pair kept in touch and became good friends.

Their new project is about a woman whose life unravels when her phone gets hacked.

Billie commented on how her character Suzie overlaps with her real-life persona.

She explained: "This is not autobiographical, but a lot of my own feelings are there as a woman in her thirties.

"My photos have never been hacked, for example – but setting it in the world of being an actor creates a lot of drama, fun and entertainment."

She added: "Everyone has a profile now: whoever you are, if your phone is found it could be so incriminating. Your entire life could be destroyed by a few innocent texts. It doesn’t have to be anything huge to take someone apart these days.

"It never felt like we were pushing people away with this story, because it’s a familiar concept: the unmasking of someone."

Asked what sort of character Suzie is when viewers first meet her, Billie said: "I don’t think she knows who she is. She’s been a lot of people, which feels very female. As a woman you put on many different hats to get what you want.

"She’s absorbed lots of personalities and been formed by other people. She’s very impressionable, porous and sensitive, and she’s shaped from a young age."

She added: "We didn’t want to conform to storytelling in the way we’re used to seeing. People see so much TV now that they can anticipate everything without even realising. It allows you to tune out and we absolutely didn’t want that."

I Hate Suzie is available on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV.

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