I Hate Suzie star ‘reluctant’ to take part in challenging second serie

I Hate Suzie Too trailer

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The second season of I Hate Suzie is a whirlwind of celebrity humiliation and heartbreaking personal drama hinging on a powerful central performance from former Doctor Who companion, Billie Piper. Express.co.uk recently caught up with her co-stars to talk through some of the biggest challenges on the set of Sky Atlantic’s new three-part drama.

Supporting star Douglas Hodge has admitted he was “reluctant” to get stuck into I Hate Suzie Too’s demanding dance sequences.

Set around a fictional show called Dance Crazee, Douglas is introduced as Billie’s first husband Bailey Quinn, who takes part in the series alongside her.

Also on board is The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison as footballer Danny Carno, who suffers a horrific family tragedy shortly before the series begins.

“I was so reluctant about the whole thing if I’m honest,” Douglas admitted.

The actor revealed he even discussed trying to reduce the physical aspects of his character by arguing Bailey would be a poor dancer anyway.

“I’ve worked with Billie several times, so I was saying, ‘Is there any way…?’ You know, he’s a bad dancer, right, he doesn’t do well immediately.”

Once rehearsals started, however, Douglas soon started reaping the benefits of regular and intensive exercise.

“We had two weeks of intense dance rehearsal but I found it very healing and therapeutic. It was nice to empty your brain,” he added.

However, the most impressive dances of the season won’t be coming from Douglas’ character Bailey.

He teased: “I’m useless at dancing so it was very in character for me!

“To do something that is physically exhausting and responsible, it’s good for your soul.”

Douglas’ co-star Blake also found I Hate Suzie Too one of his career’s most physically challenging roles.

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Not only does his character Danny participate in several dance numbers, but Blake had to ensure his emotions following the death of his father shone through in every scene.

What was jaw-dropping was watching Billie work, particularly in the places she goes to in episode three,” he teased.

“It was quite astounding to watch an actor go through that and be as brilliant as she was.

But also, the dance stuff was so much fun. For everyone, I think the dance was such an enjoyable thing.

“You leave the rehearsals physically exhausted but mentally quite elated by it all.”

“I remember sitting in the back of a car stinking because we were just sweating all day. But absolutely buzzing.

“And on the way to rehearsals!” Douglas joked.

Blake laughed and added: “But it was great fun. Really, really good to tap back into doing more dance and enjoying that, and the choreography was great.”

Thankfully, both actors’ work paid off and they were able to keep up with yet another mind-blowing performance from Billie as the now-iconic Suzie Pickles.

I Hate Suzie Too is available to stream on Sky Go and NOW.

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