How to watch SWAT season 5 in the UK

S.W.A.T season 5 official trailer from CBS

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SWAT season five is almost here, with a confirmed release date of October 1 on CBS in the USA. For viewers in the UK, CBS is not available in the country, but there are a number of alternatives to catch up on the show. has all the details on the latest season of SWAT for UK fans.

How to watch SWAT season 5 in the UK

For fans in the USA, CBS has always been the home of SWAT and that is no different for the fifth season.

Unfortunately for UK viewers, CBS is not available in the country, meaning fans have to look elsewhere to catch the latest season.

One option for UK viewers is Amazon Prime, but only the first three seasons are available on the platform.

It is unknown when instalments four or five will come to the service, but there could be a significant wait for the new episodes.

For viewers new to Amazon Prime, it is available for £7.99 per month or £79 for the year.

There is also a seven-day free trial available to newcomers.

Traditionally, Sky One has aired new episodes of SWAT, with season four being aired alongside the USA release back in May.

Sadly, Sky has not confirmed when it will be airing the new season, or if it will be airing it at all. 

The final place to catch the show is NOW, which currently has all four seasons available to watch.

They are available on the Entertainment Package, which is £9.99 per month for subscribers.

As with Amazon Prime, NOW has a seven-day free trial for anyone new to the service.

With no release date, it is hard to estimate when UK fans will be able to catch the show.

Season five will most likely come to NOW or Sky later this year or early next year, but there is currently no confirmation from either.

What will happen in SWAT season 5?

Season five will be picking up the pieces left over from season four’s shocking ending.

Hondo (played by Shemar Moore) was demoted following his maverick behaviour, putting his leadership into doubt for the new season.

How this will impact season five remains to be seen, though fans are hoping Hondo will work his way back up to the top.

After continually risking his life for his team and the safety of the city, fans were devastated by the finale of season four.

On Twitter, the SWAT official page, @swatcbs posted: “No need to lose your cool – the squad returns Friday, October 1st.”

Fans rushed to the comments to share their hopes and love for the show, with many of them struggling to hold back their excitement.

@ciarafeatherly wrote: “We lost our cool the second you posted this.”

“Season 3 recently dropped on UK Netflix, I’ve been binging it. Great to have it back over the pond” @rdaborn added.

@Adherents_ commented: “Damn, I just had a heart attack, this is so freaking exciting.”

SWAT season five premieres on October 1 on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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