How Lauren Goodger is 'at her happiest' with new man Charles Drury, after years of heartbreak and toxic relationships

SHE'S been through the mill when it comes to her love life, but Lauren Goodger is said to be happier than ever now with her new man.

The former TOWIE beauty, 34, is dating Charles Drury, who was previously in a relationship with Katie Price. And they've been practically inseparable over the last few weeks.

The pair have shared a string of videos of them kissing and cosying up together, before Lauren declared he's the "best looking boy I've ever seen" – and she's even moved him into her home after three weeks of dating.

And a source tells Sun Online she's been swept off her feet, adding: "This is Lauren at her happiest.

"When she’s in the early stages of a romance, she gets super confident and laps up the compliments and attention. She is just content and her confidence has gone through the roof."

It's a welcome change for the star, who has previously been through several difficult relationships and heartbreaks.

While her split from first love Mark Wright played out for the entire world to see on TOWIE, she went on to spend years in what she's since described as a "toxic" relationship with Jake McLean – before dating jailbird ex Joey Morrison while he was behind bars.

Here we look at how she's overcome the heartbreak to find love…

'I’ve been rejected…That’s why I stay in these long relationships'

Lauren hinted at why she has been stuck in unhealthy relationships in the past while on Celebs Go Dating last year, revealing that she has a fear of rejection after her mum gave her away to her dad at just four years old.

Lauren said: “When I was four my mum gave me to my dad but kept my older brother and sister.

"She said she couldn’t cope with three on her own. For me that was heartbreaking.”

Agent on the show, Paul, then asked her: “What’s the commonality between your mother and these guys you’ve dated?”

To which Lauren said: “I can only think that I’ve been rejected.

"That’s why I stay in these long relationships when I shouldn’t, and however much they put me through, I still stay there for a long time.”

And our source says she has finally been able to trust her new man now.

"They got speaking through friends of friends this summer and he was super confident, complimentary and had this swag she was really attracted to," the source explains.

"He’s not intimidated by her fame or money, he finds her very sexy and confident which is a turn on for him! He is charming and confident and she loves how he praises her and is so attracted to her.  

"He’s given her no reason not to trust him, he is at her place pretty regularly – they stay up late into the early hours just hanging out."

But it comes after a difficult few years for the star…

Mark Wright heartbreak

Lauren dated her Towie co-star Mark from the age of 15 for 11 years, from 2001 to 2012.

The couple even got engaged on the show in 2011, but they split just five months later.

Since then they have regularly exchanged blows in the public eye, with Lauren slamming her ex in the press in the months after their split.

On June 11, 2017, Mark was even forced to deny shocking claims made by Lauren that she believed he was dating her and now-wife Michelle Keegan at the same time.

However, the pair have remained tight-lipped about each other since and Mark is now happily married to ex-Corrie star Michelle Keegan.

'Toxic' on-off relationship with Jake McLean 

After Mark, Lauren’s next long term relationship was with Jake McLean, who she dated from 2012 until 2013.

They then got back together in 2015 – with Lauren even getting his name tattooed on her wrist to cement her love – but the couple broke up for good in 2016.

She has since branded the relationship “toxic".

"My last relationship was toxic and I jumped straight into a relationship with Jake and that turned out to be toxic, too," she told OK! Magazine.

"I don't want that again. I want to find pure love with someone who has nothing but respect for me – until then I'm going to concentrate on myself.

"I don't mean to sound horrible but I'm relieved it's over."

Jailbird ex

Perhaps her most controversial romance, however, came when she dated jailed Joey Morrison, as he served a lengthy prison sentence for a string of violent drugs-related charges.

It's unclear how the pair first met, but Morrisson has ties to Essex and Lauren has said she's known him for "many years".

Love blossomed in 2016 and Joey gifted Lauren with a ring while she previously spent the Christmas holidays with his family and friends – leading to speculation they might have been engaged.

However, she split from him in August 2018 after he was released from Highpoint South prison.

The furious former Towie star dumped him after The Sun Online revealed he'd been sending pictures of his manhood to women outside prison before his release.

Speaking to her fans after the news broke, Lauren said: "2 years waited loyal and faithful and wasted soooo much money!! Now I am about to live my life with all I’ve missed out on!!!!"

Love at last?

Lauren has now built up a very close bond with Charles, and our source says she's happier than ever.

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"Lauren falls in love really fast, she's been hurt by a lot by men in the past and wanted time alone to recover from all the past stuff," the source adds.

"With Charles, she knew instantly they had this connection.

"When she does meet someone she is all or nothing – goes in head first because she is overwhelmed which is exactly what Charles did, he blew her away.

"It was easy and they clicked and he put in the effort with her. The chat was so easy and the flirting and the chemistry, it all just lined up."

Fingers crossed this is the one for her!

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