Horrible for the Queen Piers Morgan savages Prince Harry over sickening behaviour

Piers Morgan announces launch of his new show 'Uncensored'

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Earlier this week, the former Good Morning Britain host confirmed he would not be holding back as he gave his Twitter followers an insight into his new chat show. In a new clip shared to his social media accounts, Piers Morgan laid into Prince Harry as he branded the royal a “hypocrite”.

“I liked the old Prince Harry, you know the one who used to get drunk and play naked billiards in Vegas,” Piers ranted.

“He was a lot more fun than this po-faced, sanctimonious, virtue-signalling, hypocrite who thinks it’s perfectly ok to quit the country, quit the Royal Family and then make all these demands from his California mansion about all the stuff he still thinks he’s entitled to.”

The post was quickly inundated with responses, many of which were from fans happy to see Piers back on TV. Bob Oberti replied: “About time and welcome back!!” “Well said and all true,” user Royal All Over posted, while Mrs Bird commented: “Bring it on.”

More to follow…

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