Hollyoaks star reveals dark scenes for Sinead after she reports Laurie for rape

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis has been at the centre of a serious and emotional storyline between her character Sinead Shelby and abusive husband Laurie (Kyle Pryor).

And while Sinead is finally set to reveal all about the brutal rape and abuse she has suffered at the hands of her husband, Stephanie admits it only comes after even more dark times for her character.

The actress explains how Sinead finds herself back in a vulnerable position with Laurie, leading to him raping her for a second time.

‘Sinead has agreed to take Laurie back as long as he goes to anger management sessions, but what she doesn’t know is that he didn’t even set up the meeting,’ Steph admits ahead of this week’s episode.

‘Whilst waiting for Laurie to come home, she sees a book on the shelf, and notices that the authors name is the same as what he said his anger management therapist was called.’

She continues: ‘She starts panicking and everything is going slow and she is furious. She waits for him to come home as she’s about to lose it. Once he’s home they go to the bedroom and he starts acting quite strange. He turns the music up really loud, and Sinead is alarmed and right to be.’

As for how the actress managed to film the testing scenes, she praises her director for allowing her to make the scenes as realistic as possible.

‘George C Siougas, the director, was fantastic because he gave me the freedom to do it how I wanted to. I’m hoping when people watch it, it won’t feel like they’re watching a drama, it will feel like they’re watching real life,’ she explains.

Admitting that Laurie’s manipulative behaviour aims to mirror many real-life relationships, Steph adds: ‘It’s a process in this type of relationship.

‘It doesn’t always go to these extremes, because someone can’t keep control of you like that. They chip away at your confidence by telling you that you’re not good enough.’

She continues: ‘They isolate you from people around you and make you feel like you’re dependent on them, you can’t live without them and even feel like you’re lucky to be with them.’

And Stephanie admits that the support of loved ones is essential when victims finally find the strength to speak their truth.

Hinting at how Tony and Diane deal with Sinead’s revelations, Steph says: ‘Tony and Diane give her reassurance, and give her that extra boost.

‘It’s a big shock because Laurie didn’t just manipulate Sinead, he manipulated everyone around him. As Sinead comes out with it, they’re just shocked and in disbelief.’

Sadly, freedom might still be hard for Sinead to achieve in the coming weeks as the story continues to unfold.

‘Sinead comes up against a narcissistic guy who, at the time she comes clean, has a lot of strength and power, whereas she feels weak. Sinead’s tired and exhausted and he’s so powerful with his manipulative ways. She is not out of the dark yet,’ Stephanie continued.

As hard as the scenes have been to film, Stephanie admits she’s been happy to show off what she can do following her return to the soap.

‘The current abuse storyline has been my favourite since I’ve been back by far. The storm week was brilliant but I wanted to come back to prove myself,’ she states.

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