Harry Potter fans stunned to learn Draco Malfoy's insanely low total screen time across entire franchise

HARRY Potter fans were blown away to learn that Draco Malfoy had just 31 minutes of screen time across the entire saga.

British actor Tom Felton played Harry’s Slytherin nemesis for a decade – over the course of the eight film adaptions.

But it turns out that Tom was had just 31 minutes on screen and only features on screen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for one minute and 15 seconds, according to a resurfaced rundown of characters’ screen time on IMDb.

Harry Potter enthusiasts have been left gobsmacked after discovering the total screen time, with one writing: “I did not realise that, that’s crazy.”

Another stunned Twitter user commented: “I can’t believe Tom Felton was only in Harry Potter for 31 minutes.”

A third shocked fan penned: “The Harry Potter franchise is 20 hours long and our main man Draco is only on screen for 31 minutes.”

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A fourth fan questioned: “You mean to tell me that Draco Malfoy, Harry's biggest enemy throughout his entire time at Hogwarts, who was one of the most recurring characters after the golden trio, only had 31 minutes of screen time in the whole almost 20 hours of Harry Potter movies? How is that possible?”

Tom rocketed to fame as the troublemaking Slytherin student often causing Harry a series of problems thanks to his bullying antics and evil family.

Despite being one of the most well-known characters, Draco only graced our screens for just slightly more than half an hour.

Although it is unclear if the screen time includes moments when the person is in shot but not the main character on screen.

Another fan posted: “The fact Draco Malfoy was only in 31 minutes throughout the whole of the Harry Potter franchise (19 hrs and 40 minutes) just doesn’t sit right with me”

With one fan suggesting: “I feel like Draco deserves his own film/spin off show.”


Minutes  Character 

539:15  Harry Potter

211:45 Ron Weasley

205:00 Hermione Granger

77:15 Albus Dumbledore

45:45 Rubeus Hagrid

43:15 Severus Snape

37:15 Lord Voldemort 

31:30 Draco Malfoy 

30:15 Ginny Weasley  

28:45 Minerva McGonagall

28:15 Neville Longbottom

26:00 Remus Lupin

20:45 Sirius Black

20:00 George Weasley

19:30 Fred Weasley

18:45 Horace Slughorn

17:15 Luna Lovegood  

16:00 Dolores Umbridge 

15:15 Lucius Malfoy

11:15 Dobby 

10:30 Bellatrix Lestrange 

Tom has gone on to secure a slew of acting roles since the final flick in 2011.

Surprisingly, the main antagonist Lord Voldemort played by Ralph Fiennes had a screen time of just 37 minutes and 15 seconds, while Ron played by Rupert Grint and Hermione potrayed by Emma Watson was both given a total of three and a half hours.

Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe tallied the most camera time appearing on screen for nearly nine hours out of a total of 19 hours and 40 minutes runtime.

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