Gogglebox's fans in hysterics as Shirley CAN'T REMEMBER having romantic baths with husband Dave

GOGGLEBOX fans were left in hysterics last night after Shirley couldn't remember having romantic baths with her husband Dave.

Fans of Channel 4's reality TV series couldn't stop laughing after Dave made the saucy bathtime revelation.

Instead of talking about the latest TV shows, the naughty pair, both 65, decided to discuss bathing together.

During a conversation with his wife, Dave cheekily said: "Them days are gone when we used to have a bath together, aren't they."

A bewildered Shirley laughed before asking: "When was that?"

"Don't say you've never had a bath with me!" exclaimed Dave.

Shirley then proceeded to ask: "No when?"

"How long ago then?" asked Shirley as she attempted to jog her memory.

While thinking back to the times when they enjoyed a joint dip in the tub, Dave said: "Well I don't know… 30 years ago."

Shocked by his revelation, Shirley exclaimed: "Well, I'd say f***ing longer than that!"

"Well, you're saying you've never done it?" Dave said as he quizzed his wife.

Shirley proceeded to stand her point adding: "I don't think I have, I can't even recall – the baths years ago were f***ing smaller than what we've got now."

But Dave then cheekily quipped: "Shirley, I think you've lathered my loofah."

While laughing, Shirley quickly responded with: "I haven't lathered anybody's loofah!"

Fans loved this innuendo and took to Twitter to comment and the saucy exchange.

One fan said: "I don't know if it's the alcohol after a long week or my lack of social contact but I'm nearly After tipping off the couch listening to Dave & Shirley."

While this one tweeted: "C'mon Shirley fess up! We believe you Dave!"

Another one commented: "Dave's not forgotten about getting his loofah lathered."

Last night's episode was filled with cheeky fun, which also saw Sally storm off after her daughter set her up on Tinder.

Viewers were left in stitches when Paige set up a profile for her mum on the dating app, much to Sally's protest.

Watching her daughter, Sally asked in outrage: "Hang on a minute. What the hell are you doing?"

When Paige told her she was creating a Tinder profile for her, Sally started raging.

She fumed: "I'm not going on Tinder!"

"Paige, if I go on a site I want to go on a nice site… get me off!"

Her daughter replied: "What do you mean? What's up with Tinder."

"Will you stop loading pictures up… just get if off now," Sally ordered.

When Paige refused to listen and just kept giggling, Sally had had enough and got up to leave.

"That's it, I'm done. I'm done, I'm going home," she declared.

"I'm absolutely disgusted."

Paige couldn't stop laughing as her mum walked out.

Paige and Sally are from Birmingham and joined the show as Gogglebox’s latest mother and daughter combo back in 2019.

Paige works as a business development manager while Sally is a carer for the elderly and disabled.

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