Gogglebox star Sophie Sandiford horrified after hacker steals her identity and scams fans – a week after losing her job

GOGGLEBOX star Sophie Sandiford has been dealt with another blow as she has had her identity stolen online just a week after losing her job at Debenhams.

The 24-year-old favourite, who appears on the show alongside brother Pete, took to Instagram to warn fans about a fake account.

"Sorry if anyone has been receiving messages from a fake account this evening," Sophie wrote.

"Thankfully I think the account has been taken down but if you do receive any strange messages please report and block.

"Thank you, Soph."

Last week, reality star revealed she's lost her job at Debenhams after the chain collapsed, with all of its stores set to close.

She shared a snap of herself standing at the entrance to the high street store with a fellow colleague.

Captioning the post, she said: "We might be going but we are going with a smile #debenhams."

As Sophie usually appears on TV screens from the comfort of her living room, it's a rare glimpse into her everyday life.

Sophie's post was flooded with messages of support from fans, with many admitting it wouldn't be long before she was given her own show.

One suggested: "Sorry to hear that, sure you and your brother will have ye’re own tv show soon.. yee’ll be sorted."

A second agreed: "I hope you and Pete get your own TV soon!! We love you both!"

Another added: "Aw so sad for you but you are fabulous and something bigger and better is waiting for you! Lots of love."

Debenhams is set to be liquidated after JDSports pulled out of bids to save the troubled department store chain, putting 12,000 workers at risk.

The website will continue to trade and shops will remain open until current stock is sold, but it’s believed stores will close early next year.

Sophie shot to fame from the armchair of her Blackpool home, commenting on the week's TV with sarcastic brother Pete.

The Sandifords, who have been on the show since 2018, are practically Googlebox royalty these days, alongside the Malones and caravan duo Jenny and Lee.

Last month, the northern lass broke down over the news of the second national lockdown.

As the siblings watched PM Boris Johnson outline the new measures, Pete noticed Sophie wiping away her tears.

The 26-year-old asked: "Are you all right?"

She replied, with her voice breaking: "It's just sad, innit, it's just s**t for everybody. It just gets even worse and more people are going to lose their jobs and things like that. It's just awful."

Viewers at home were emotional too, with one writing: "So true, was really moving, summed up mood/feelings of entire country and beyond."

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