Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan is on a sex ban until her wedding next year as she doesn't want a pregnancy to 'ruin' body

GEORDIE Shore's Holly Hagan is on a sex ban until her wedding next year as she doesn't want a pregnancy to "ruin" her body

The reality star, 30, revealed that she's gone to extreme lengths to avoid being a pregnant bride.

The Newcastle beauty put a sex ban in place months ago – before her wedding to Jacob was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Holly has since ended the ban but plans to reinstate it in the months leading up to her special day.


The MTV star revealed to The Mirror: "So, the sex ban ended a while ago.

“It will be reinstated again in a few months before the wedding because the last thing I want is to be a pregnant bride.

“When me and Jacob got engaged, we decided that we shouldn’t have sex until our wedding night. Partly because it’s romantic, but also because I didn’t want to be pregnant walking up the aisle.”

The TV star explained that she was "put off" of having kids at the moment and wants to "settle into married life" before having children.


The telly star recently showed off her stunning curves in a body-positive post where she spoke about her cellulite.

Holly flashed her sun-kissed body in an unedited pic, wearing a black bikini top and green floral bottoms as she showed off her long legs and impressive physique.

The reality TV personality confessed she wasn't always so confident with her body, and admitted to covering up her legs in public.

She wrote: "Cellulite ain’t going anywhere so I might as well embrace it.

"If there’s one good thing that came from my time away it was gaining the confidence to walk around in public without covering my legs."

"Wearing shorts and skirts for the first time and being able to enjoy the sun without worrying.

"This trend of people being more 'real' on Instagram has helped me so much and I’m not going to hide anymore."

Holly's Ibiza nuptials were cancelled due to changes in Covid travel guidelines.

Holly was due to marry her fiancé Jacob Blyth in a dream ceremony on the Balearic island in June.

A source told The Sun: "Like so many other brides Holly has been really put through the wringer with her wedding and she is hugely upset.".

Today, Holly took to her Instagram stories to talk about her issues with body confidence more deeply.

She said: "Cellulite is normal, whether you're fat, thin, active or not. It doesn't matter. So wear the bikini, the shorts, the skirt because the more we see it, the more normalised it becomes."

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