Gene Simmons spits out chewing gum into Susanna Reids hand in gross GMB moment

Susanna Reid accuses guest of being 'heartless'

Gene Simmons, 73, has always been a wild child at heart and once again stunned viewers during his appearance on Good Morning Britain.

While talking to Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on the breakfast show, he revealed that he once sold a piece of his used gum for a whopping $245,000 (£196,614).

The gum was sold at a charity auction so the money went to a good cause but when Susanna heard the figure, she jokingly reached out to get some gum from the star.

Susanna exclaimed: “He’s just revealed that a piece of his gum has been auctioned off for a ridiculous amount of money.”

To which he replied: “It’s not ridiculous, I’m kind of a big deal – how much was the amount?”

As Susanna’s hand was held out, Gene spat out his gum and placed it into the GMB host’s palm.

Stunned, Ben commented: “There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of chewing gum in your hand there.”

Laughing, Susanna added: “And quite a lot of bacteria no doubt!”

Gene went on to talk about when he appeared on Soccer AM and was asked, as a joke, to remove his gum and sell it on eBay which is when he discovered it went for an eye-watering price for a children’s charity.

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The moment took place in 2013 and when he returned in September on the show, he said: “Mums and dads, you may want to hide your children, because I will show you why they call me the king…

“I’ll take this gum — eBay, eBay. It’s an honour to know that a piece of my chewed gum resulted in a [$245,602] donation to benefit young people.

“Sometimes little things can have big results.”

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Most recently, fans and politicians were taken aback to see Gene show up at the House of Commons.

He was a guest of DUP MP Ian Paisley and was given a private tour before visiting the Commons chamber.

While there, he watched Oliver Dowden take on Angela Rayner which he later labelled as “insane”.

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