GB News sparks uproar as Meghans siblings react to Queens death

Meghan Markle appears to be ignored by member of crowd

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The Duchess of Sussex’s half-siblings Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Junior infuriated GB News viewers when they reacted to the death of the Queen. The pair also commented on Meghan Markle’s appearance with her husband Prince Harry at Windsor Castle over the weekend when they put on a united front with Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Meghan’s half-sister and half-brother offered their condolences to the British people on Monday’s instalment of Dan Wootton Tonight. 

Thomas Jr said: “I don’t think there’s a more remarkable amazing woman on the planet.”

Reflecting on the announcement of the Queen’s death on Thursday, Thomas Jr added: “It was a very shocking morning because it just didn’t feel right anyway, something was off.

“And then immediately after I called dad and he had already been informed as well. It was a very sad morning.”

When Dan asked how Meghan’s father Thomas Markle reacted to the monarch’s death, his son explained: “Dad was and still is sad about it, as we all are.

“We feel as though we have some sort of connection to the late Queen and the British people.

Samantha told GB News viewers: “We spoke today and he was very clear about wishing to extend his reverence, his condolences and his heartfelt sorry for the British Royal Family as we all are.

“She’s become a part of American fibre as well, everyone’s mother, everyone’s grandmother, so I think it’s been very sad for us across the pond.

“So I’m honoured to extend my condolences to the British Royal Family and to the British people for this tragic loss, it’s so sad.” 

The interview sparked outrage on Twitter, with many viewers lashing out at GB News for interviewing Meghan’s estranged half-siblings who have not spoken highly of the Royal Family in the past. 

Shelagh penned: “This is scraping the bottom of the barrel putting these people on with the sole purpose of stoking more hate towards the Duchess of Sussex. 

“The half Markles have no relevance and I couldn’t give a monkey’s fart as to their views. No wonder Meghan has nothing to do with them.” (sic) 

@Veganfarkle added: “Dan, please ask them why she’s here, it certainly isn’t to show her respects because she DID NOT show the Queen any respect when she was alive. What is their ghastly sister doing here other than causing trouble?” (sic) 

Elizabeth Stoney fumed: “Please Dan don’t have these two on at this time it only makes it about Meghan and at this time it’s about our Queen and her family.”

However, Teresa Jewett penned: “Way to go Dan. I loved seeing the Markles. They have more respect for the queen than Meghan and Harry any day or at any time. 

“Meghan had barely even seen the queen in three or four years. Why should she be there crashing the royals in their hurting time? Give her a dose of her own medicine.” (sic) 

Pam Ranberg added: “Let them show the world exactly what they are. The world is watching.”

It has been widely reported Meghan does not speak to her half-siblings or father anymore. 

However, she is understood to still be close to her mother Doria Ragland who divorced her father when Meghan was young. 

Dan Wootton Tonight airs on weeknights at 9pm on GB News. 

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