GB News: Rebecca Hutson hits back at co-host over Diana memorial ‘I’m asking the questions

Jeremy Vine discusses GB News presenter taking the knee

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Rebecca Hutson joined Kirsty Gallacher and Darren McCaffrey on the Great British Breakfast on Tuesday morning to discuss the day’s big stories. However, Rebecca hit back at her GB News co-host when he seemed perplexed at the idea of the millennium dome being turned into a shine to Princess Diana. 

Rebecca began: “Do you remember when the millennium dome first appeared it was quite an unpopular project, it was seen as being really wasteful.”

“It had this weird thing where it was the most visited thing in Britain for the year it was open and then they had no idea what to do with it,” Darren remarked. 

“It had that exhibition for it in a while…” Rebecca commented.

Interjecting, Darren said: “Where you could slide down the human body.”

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Rebecca said: “All very high concept. The national archives have declassified that there was a conversation about whether it should become a shrine to Princess Diana, obviously she died in 1997.

“Do you think that would have been a more effective use of the millennium dome?”

“Rather than the world’s must successful and largest music venue?” Darren quipped. 

“I’m asking the question,” the Great British Breakfast host hit back.

“I think that answers it,” Darren remarked and Kirsty added: “It’s a bit random, isn’t it?”

“Utterly random,” Rebecca agreed and Kirsty continued: “I’m not saying it in a negative way.

“I absolutely adored Diana and everything about the royals but that’s just slightly odd.”

“I think in the end they went for the right move,” Darren commented. 


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He said: “The O2 is an amazing arena, I think it’s consistently hosted more music events than anywhere else on the planet.”

“I think the statue that was unveiled at Kensington Gardens a few weeks ago is a more fitting tribute to Diana,” Rebecca argued. 

“They called it the ‘white elephant’ because it’s enormous and the elephant in the room.”

“‘What do you with the millennium dome?’” Rebecca added. 

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GB News viewers were baffled by the suggestion as one tweeted: “She’s got a statue, probably should leave it there I think.”

“Next up could Hartlepool be turned into a shrine for queen Victoria. Err well I suppose so,” another joked.

A third added: “Why the hell would we want to make the O2 into a shrine to anyone?”

The Great British Breakfast airs on GB News on weekdays at 6am. 

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