Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge admits she would have 'jumped' at the chance to be transgender

PHOEBE Waller-Bridge would have "jumped" at the chance to be transgender when she was younger.

The Fleabag actress "desperately" wanted to be a boy when she was a child, she shaved her hair off and asked to change her name.

Speaking to America's NPR radio, the mastermind behind Killing Eve said: "I mean there’s the tomboy kind of thing… I was fervent about it when I was younger.

"I just desperately wanted to be a boy more than anything else.

"If it had been taken seriously by my school or those options had been given to me, I probably would’ve jumped at it."

"I wasn’t thinking about either being a boy or being a girl."

But things changed for Phoebe when she "discovered" boys.

She continued: "But then I discovered boys in a big way… That was the kind of crossover point."

However, Phoebe has revealed she feels a lot more comfortable when she ditches feminine attire, such as skirts and heels, for a hooded jumper and jeans.

She added: "I feel more comfortable in a hoodie and jeans than in little kitten heels and a flowy skirt."

Meanwhile, Phoebe's career has gone from strength to strength.

The star – who won Best Female Performance in a Comedy for her role in Fleabag – has been drafted in to help write the next James Bond film.

Actor Daniel Craig, who plays 007, is reported to have requested the film’s producers hire the award-winning writer and actress after they met in New York earlier this year.

The 33-year-old is reported to have started working on the script after receiving a copy of the original, which had previously been drafted with director Danny Boyle, 62, and his long-time collaborator John Hodge, 55.

Bond 25 has been plagued with problems since its inception, with Danny dropping out as director following a row over the script and the plotline.

Cary Fukunaga, 41, has since taken over and filming is expected to start in Jamaica next month, although the release date for Bond 25, which is believed to have been named Shatterhand, is due for release in April 2020.

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