Firefly Lane: Why did Kate and Johnny get a divorce?

Firefly Lane trailer released by Netflix

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Firefly Lane is an emotional drama series on Netflix which is based on the book of the same name by Kristin Hannah. The series follows two friends – Tully Hart (played by Katherine Heigl) and Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke) – as they navigate working life and relationships. In the series, Kate is going through a divorce with husband Johnny (Ben Lawson), who is the producer of The Girlfriend Hour.

Why did Kate and Johnny get a divorce?

Firefly Lane is a popular Netflix series and it spent some time in the number one spot on the streaming platform’s top 10.

The show has left fans in tears as it told the story of Kate and Tully’s long-term friendship and how it comes to an end.

Kate is a housewife and mother-of-one, having raised daughter Marah (Yael Yurman) with her husband Johnny.

However, they decided their relationship was no longer working and decided to get a divorce.

At the end of the series, they managed to rekindle their relationship for a short while before Johnny went to work in Iraq.

There were some heated moments between the couple, especially following an alcohol-fuelled evening.

The plot in the TV adaptation has taken a very different turn to that in the book, as Kate and Johnny do not get divorced in the source material.

There is a lot of tension surrounding their separation as in the book they have their difficulties, but they stay together throughout.

Fans are wondering why the series decided to take a dark turn, and they have taken to Reddit to discuss the plot.

One user said: “I’m honestly still not understanding why they’re divorcing. Is it because he wants to follow his dreams after his daughter has grown up and that means he will be away for a period of time?

“Because he gets really involved and passionate about his work? Like what? Those are such flimsy reasons for divorce. They clearly still love each other and like just gave up.. either that or I’m totally missing something.”

Other fans had wondered why the pair had been married in the first place, with many suggested Johnny had eyes for Tully.

One said: “Even in the present day it still seemed like Johnny could be holding a candle for Tully. Kate very much felt like his consolation prize and that really bugs me. And when he eventually realized, despite their insane house, years together, and a child, this consolation prize wasn’t enough and he’s gotta run off to Iraq.”

Some viewers have suggested Kate did not feel like she could give Johnny what he wanted and it was best for her to leave.

Another said: “I think they both love each other but one of Kate’s reasons was that she never felt enough for him and felt his love for journalism/relationship with producing Tully outweighed his love for Kate.

“When they’re about to get back together, she made it a point to tell him she can’t be with him/wait in the wings while he goes off to Iraq.”


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The reason for their divorce in the series is most likely to do with creating an extra layer of drama.

Some fans have said Johnny chose his career over his family, and he cared “more about getting a story than her safety”.

His fling with Tully also added to the tension and many believed this was the reason Kate and Tully ended their friendship.

Kate’s divorce from Johnny may also have been included to make their relationship even more turbulent ahead of Johnny’s career change.

Shortly after taking up his war correspondent role in Iraq, he was caught up in a landmine explosion.

His fate has been left a mystery and the scene was all the more emotional due to the way he left things with Kate.

He will always have an emotional connection with Kate, even if they cannot be together in a physical sense.

Fans are still hoping Johnny survived the blast and it will act as a rude awakening for him to reconcile with Kate.

News of a second season is yet to come to light but it is looking highly likely considering the number of unanswered questions.

Firefly Lane is streaming on Netflix now

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