Evelyn blamed for child prostitution torment in Corrie

After a support group meeting in Thursday’s (September 7) episode of Coronation Street, Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) decided to tell Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) more about her past.

The newcomer went along to the chat with Abi (Sally Carman) and Ty after relapsing and ending up in hospital.

Cassie came into Tyrone’s life a few months ago but made a proper return in the middle of August after time in rehab.

Because Tyrone was adopted when he was younger and then led to believe his biological mother was dead, he barely knows a single thing about Cassie, meaning he is impressionable and easy to manipulate.

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After the meeting, Tyrone asked Cassie to open up about some of the things she has been through.

Cassie explained that after she was thrown out by Evelyn (Maureen Lipman), she became a prostitute.

Tyrone was horrified to think of his mum being in such an upsetting position at the age of just 16 and argued if Evelyn never threw her out, Cassie wouldn’t have gone down that path and then eventually turned to drugs.

Back at home, Evelyn was shocked to see Cassie back at the house and assumed she had told Tyrone a lie to make him change his mind.

A tearful and hurt Evelyn said that when she was raising Cassie, the worst she ever did was wash her mouth out with soap, or tell her to take her elbows off the table. The beloved character pointed out to Tyrone that if Cassie has told him a story about her younger years, it’ll more than likely be a lie.

Despite feeling torn, Tyrone failed to side with Evelyn, who then alluded to packing her bags and moving out for a while.

Aware they weren’t on the same page, Tyrone agreed, leaving Evelyn devastated to be on her own.

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