'Euphoria' Season 2: Cassie Is Willing to Ruin Her Relationships for Love

One of the best things about Euphoria is that there are so many dynamic characters to get invested in. Featuring a talented ensemble cast, there’s plenty of personalities for fans to connect with. The show’s device of dedicating an entire episode to a unique character also helps facilitate this connection. As we learn more about each character’s personal history, we simultaneously understand their personal choices and decisions more.

While each character in Euphoria has garnered enthusiasts, Cassie Howard is certainly a fan favorite. Portrayed by Sydney Sweeney, the doe-eyed, blonde, cheerleader is something of a paradox. Though she often engages in over-the-top behavior (e.g. her wild ride on the merry-go-round at the carnival) fans still feel the need to protect her. This was especially true after her intense character journey that was revealed near the end of season 1.

Sydney Sweeney teases what’s next for her character in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

But what can fans expect from Cassie in Season 2? It seems that she (and the rest of the characters) are in for an even more intense ride. Zendaya has already teased that the season will be challenging for fans to watch. And, in an interview with Magazine C, Sweeney confirmed that the sophomore season of Euphoria will be even grittier than the first. “The writers didn’t take their feet off the gas,” the Sharp Objects alum shared. “In fact, there’s a whole new pedal they’ve added, and they’re pressing it even harder.”

Continuing on, Sweeney got candid about how her specific character will be affected in Euphoria Season 2. “It’s a darker look into the psyches of teenagers, more raw and dirty than the first season,” Sweeney stated. “Cassie, unfortunately, is still looking for approval, and she’s willing to ruin all the relationships that are important to her because she wants love so much.”

Sweeney believes that Cassie Howard needs to focus on self-love before pursuing romantic relationships

Sweeney has shared previously that she wants desperately for her character to get it together. But what’s the best way for Cassie to help herself? In Sweeney’s mind, it starts with self-love. “Being able to love yourself before allowing anyone else to love you — that’s where true happiness and healthiness comes from, and it’s a part of my own life that I wish I could go back to,” the Euphoria star shared.

Sweeney explains why people connect to the characters on ‘Euphoria’

Cassie and the rest of the characters certainly have a lot to figure out about themselves. However, in Sweeney’s mind, that’s one of the reasons that the show works so well and resonates with a variety of people. “I think that’s why Euphoria has had such a big audience — because no one, at any age, has figured life out,” the producer stated. “Everyone’s still trying to find themselves. Everyone’s trying to get their sh*t together.” We’re sure fans are eagerly awaiting to find out how the Euphoria characters make a mess of things in season 2.

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