Emmerdales Meena actress reveals her stunt double was a hairy six-foot tall man

Emmerdale actress Paige Sandhu, who plays the evil and twisted killer Meena Jutla, has revealed some unexpected behind the scenes tidbits from the explosive maze scenes taking place on the ITV soap this week.

The star admitted that producers had hired a male stunt double to play her role during some of the more physical and violent scenes.

An exciting trailer showed things will finally come to a head for the Yorkshire Dales villain, and it will include plenty of running and action scenes as Meena gets ready to kill again.

Appearing for an interview on Lorraine, Paige laughed via video link as she joked she didn't know what it "says about her" that Emmerdale bosses chose to use a "tall" and "hairy" stuntman for some of her scenes.

The star recently praised the fantastic stunt team on the soap.

"Did you have like stunt doubles or did you do most of it yourself because there's a lot of scary stuff coming up this week?" presenter Lorraine Kelly asked.

"Yeah we had stunt doubles who were amazing because there was some stuff that we just couldn't do, so they were incredible," Paige praised at first.

Smirking, the actress then revealed one of the more unusual aspects during filming as she shared: " I actually had one stunt double who was a man.

"He was like six foot, very muscular, very hairy too, being my stunt double."

Giggling away with Lorraine, Paige continued: "And he had this like brown wig on with plaits, and I was like 'What does that mean? What are they trying to say about me?'"

Barely able to contain her shock at her guest's bizarre reveal, the daytime TV host tried to reassure the soap star.

"I'm sure by the trickery of the camera that it will all look absolutely fine and we'll be convinced that you are a six feet tall hairy man.," she insisted.

What's more, Paige also revealed some details about the dramatic scenes ahead, and it seems things will get messy.

Recalling one part of filming as the dangerous Meena, Paige explained a frustrating side of wearing the dramatic Halloween-style costume from the trailers was that she had "makeup everywhere".

"They had to throw me a makeup wipe, so I could take down the mascara," the star laughed.

"I looked like the Joker from the Batman films, so yeah that was fun," Paige added.

Emmerdale continues Monday night at 7pm on ITV.

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