Emmerdale spoilers see Rishi comforted by Suni after he’s left even more isolated by Jai

The latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that struggling Rishi Sharma is going to be comforted by his nephew Suni. Suni is on hand to help out after Rishi is left even more isolated by his son Jai.

Things have been tough for Rishi in recent weeks, after it was revealed that he is not Jai's biological dad. Jai found out by accident while looking for some of his personal documents at home.

Jai has struggled with the news and has decided that he doesn't want anything to do with Rishi, who did adopt him when he was a baby. On the other hand, Rishi has struggled with the way that Jay has reacted, especially as Jai is planning his wedding to Laurel Thomas.

During Wednesday's episode, viewers watched as Jai's cousin Suni started to plan a surprise stag do for Jai. He rallied the troops, and that included Rishi for the special occasion.

Suni hoped that the event will bring Rishi and Jai closer together, but his idea backfires. As a result, Suni is left to comfort Rishi who is struggling with Jai's behaviour.

Suni, who is played by Brahmdeo Shannon, has only been in the village for a couple of weeks. Before he arrived, Brahmdeo spoke about his arrival and what fans can expect.

Brahmdeo said: "I’m delighted to join the Emmerdale family. Having watched the show with my mum and dad growing up it feels surreal.

"I’m so grateful to everyone here for making me feel so welcome. Confident, magnetic and very fashion-conscious Suni looks forward to injecting some flair into the Emmerdale village.

"He’s not afraid to be his true self and go after what (and who) he wants. I think what Emmerdale does brilliantly is making sure there’s accurate representation of real people and telling their authentic stories.

"Bringing a wonderful character like Suni to life on a continuing drama is incredibly important to me as it gives exposure to a demographic which is sadly still under-represented, so I truly hope to do him justice and thank Emmerdale and its fans for the privilege."

Elsewhere in the village, Arthur Thomas is heartbroken following his break up with Marshall Hamston. In Thursday's episode, Marshall broke up with young Arthur and left the village for good.

Arthur didn't take the news well, and he has been struggling to cope with the news. However, his sister Gabby then makes him feel worse when she starts to make comments about her own life.

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