Emmerdale fans praise devastating Lisa Dingle death episode

Emmerdale fans have been heaping praise on the soap for an uplifting but deeply sad episode which saw show legend Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) die in heartbreaking scenes – just hours after she got married to her soulmate Zak (Steve Halliwell).

The soap had held back the outcome of the emotional wedding episode which saw Lisa and Zak exchange vows and declare their undying love for one another. But after Zak sprung the surprise of The Woolpackers reforming, Lisa headed home to prepare a gift for him.

But as she sat down and drifted off, Zak came home and promised to tell her that he would share how much he loves her every day. But then he realised she had lost his life and he broke down as her departure was much too soon.

And fans have been left just as upset:

The Dingles will now be left facing heartbreak as they try to come to terms with the loss of the heart of the family.

Can Zak cope without her?

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