'Élite': Who is Season 4 Cast Member Carla Díaz?

Spanish Netflix drama Élite has captured audiences of all ages and all backgrounds thanks to its twisted storylines and hate-to-love-them characters. While the show is no stranger to cast switch-ups, its upcoming fourth season, currently in production, is shaping up to be its biggest yet. Many beloved characters like Lucrecia and Nadia (played by Danna Paola and Mina El-Hammani) have left the show, and a crop of new kids are starting classes at Las Encinas.

Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, Manu Ríos, and Pol Granch are all joining the cast of Élite in Season 4, and each actor comes from a different part of the entertainment world to bring their scandalous characters to life.

What has Carla Díaz acted in before?

Though she’s just 22 years old, Carla Díaz is no stranger to acting. Of the four new major cast additions, she boasts the most acting credits, having appeared many times on the big and small screen and on stage in Spain. Her breakout came in 2010 when she joined Tierra de lobos, a western-style TV series set in 19th century Spain. Díaz played Rosa Lobo, one of the daughters of local leader Antonio Lobo. Despite “Rosita” having an innocent demeanor upon first impression, she’s capable of much more, even going so far as to plan a murder at just 13 years old. That character alone is enough preparation to star in Élite.

Díaz’s TV career only grew from there. In 2015, she landed a series regular role on the Spanish soap opera Seis hermanas. Similar to Tierra de lobos, Seis hermanas was also a Spanish period piece, taking place in the early 20th century in Madrid and telling the stories of the six Silva sisters. She played Elisa Silva, who embodied many of the stereotypes associated with the youngest child in a family: she’s spoiled, easily upset, and bossy at times, throwing a fit whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.

She enjoyed recurring roles on shows like Amar en tiempos revueltos, La caza Monteperdido, and Madres. Amor y vida before joining the cast of Élite. While most of her experiences were on the small screen, Díaz has also appeared in films like 2009’s Los planes de Cecilia and even in a stage production of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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What will Carla Díaz’s character on ‘Élite’ be like?

Details about Season 4 of Élite remain slim. It’s unclear what the characters of each newcomer will be like, but regardless of who Carla Díaz’s character is, she will probably be able to play any character with ease. She’s had experience playing nice girls, mean girls, spoiled girls, dangerous girls, helpless girls, and more. As a result, whatever she ends up doing on Élite, chances are she’ll be fantastic at it.

She’s even classically trained in Spanish dances and we have yet to see flamenco portrayed on the show, so there may even be an opportunity to show off these skills for an Élite first.

When will ‘Élite’ season 4 be released?

The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively shut down production of most TV shows and movies in the U.S., but countries that have gotten the virus under control have begun the process of safely returning back to normal. Spain is one of those countries.

Production on Season 4 of Élite was reportedly underway earlier this summer and was suddenly halted when an unnamed cast member tested positive for the coronavirus. Filming has since resumed, with both Seasons 4 and 5 being produced one after the other. While fans likely won’t get Season 4 this year, 2021 could be the year we get two seasons back-to-back.

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