EastEnders spoilers – Suki confession, Billy prison horror and Janine exposed

EastEnders fans can expect another bumpy week in Albert Square as tensions run high and bombshell revelations are exposed.

EastEnders spoilers can reveal that Suki is still struggling to cope with Ranveer's death and a desperate Ravi will do whatever it takes to keep her quiet.

Will she come clean about what happened?

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Elsewhere Scarlett spots Janine in the back of Frankie's photo and decides she wants to talk to Linda.

Meanwhile Billy loses hope when Phil is unable to get him a solicitor and is informed he could face a lengthy prison sentence.

Freddie intervenes when he realises his dad needs help, what could go wrong?

Suki confession

Struggling to cope with the night of Ranveer's death, Suki begins walking through the Square in her nightdress.

A concerned Eve spots a dishevelled looking Suki and immediately takes her to Ash who takes her to the surgery.

The pair try to figure out what is going on with Suki and leave her alone with Dr Nina.

Nugget informs Ravi about Suki's current state and is determined to keep the truth from coming out as Eve is certain that something isn't right.

A confused Kheerat hears about Suki from Alfie but when he questions Ravi, he covers it up and convinces him that Suki was just sleepwalking.

Knowing in her gut that something isn't right, Eve returns to Suki and refuses to leave until she finds out the truth.

Suki eventually opens up to Eve and tells her about Ranveer attempting to sexually assault her – will she reveal what happened after?

Ravi gets caught up as he worries about Suki’s whereabouts and later makes an urgent call to someone telling them they have a problem.

Ravi tries to get Suki back on side by manipulating her into feeling sorry for him – will his plan work?

Later, Suki and Ravi learn how close Nugget was to Ranveer leaving them both racked with guilt.

Billy prison horror

Billy is gutted when he realises Phil won't be able to get him a better solicitor.

Sensing his dad needs money for legal fees, Freddie tries to find a job and is offered a trial shift at the chippy.

Freddie impresses Bobby at the chippy and is offered a permanent position, leaving both Honey and Billy thrilled.

But Honey reminds Billy he needs to tell Freddie the truth about his biological father.

When Freddie over overhears Billy’s solicitor telling him he could face a long prison sentence, he becomes more determined than ever to help him.

Phil tells Freddie that he can't help, causing the teen to turn to Ben.

Oblivious of Phil's involvement, Ben agrees to help and manages to get Billy a good lawyer from Ritchie's firm.

But when a furious Phil learns Freddie ignored his warning to stay away, he drops a huge bombshell – how will Freddie react?

Janine 'exposed'

In the café, Scarlett overhears Sharon and Linda discussing Janine’s relationship with Scarlett.

Back at The Vic, Scarlett spots Janine in the back of Frankie’s incriminating photo tells Linda she needs to talk to her.

Scarlett opens up to Linda but as she contemplates telling her the truth, Linda senses there is something Scarlett is not telling her and probes her for information, causing Scarlett to abruptly leave.

Later, Mick tells Janine they can take Scarlett to meet his children but Janine descends into panic mode when she realises that Scarlett is with Linda.

As Scarlett returns to Linda – will she come clean about what her mum did?

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