EastEnders fans in hysterics as Honey shares rave reviews about her Fanny

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    EastEnders viewers were in stitches on Friday night (December 16), after Honey Mitchell delivered one of the "funniest lines of all time".

    The fiery brunette was left frustrated when Alfie Moon tried to drop her from the upcoming Albert Square play, as he plans on replacing her with his ex-wife Kat Slater.

    But after delivering a spectacular performance, Alfie tried to convince Honey that she wasn't good enough for the part.

    However Honey was having none of it and told Alfie about her previous acting accolades.

    Angered by Alfie's stance, Honey said: Do you know something, you don't know what you're talking about Alfie Moon. I spent years doing amateur dramatics when I was younger.

    "My Fanny got rave reviews in Gaslight!"

    But once Honey said her piece, fans rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on hilarious dialogue.

    One viewer chimed: "Honey Mitchell just dropped the funniest line of all time in #Eastenders 'My Fanny got rave reviews in Gaslight' (And she’s so hooking up with Alfie)."

    Another confused viewer penned: "Did she just say her fanny."

    A third wrote: "Honey's Fanny and its Rave Reviews is going to be the title of my debut prog rock album."

    And a fourth said: "Did I just hear honey talk about her fanny? LMAO."

    Meanwhile others were rather upset regarding Alfie's treatment towards Honey even though he

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