Eamonn Holmes has a Star Trek fantasy and wife Ruth Langsford is shocked

Eamonn Holmes’ let slip he’s got a fairly niche fantasy during This Morning today, which, understandably left Ruth Langsford slightly red-faced.

While discussing dressing up during the coronavirus lockdown, Eamonn suggested Ruth dress up as a Star Trek character and we’re starting to think we weren’t meant to be there during the conversation.

The duo revealed some couples put on their best clothes despite not having to leave the house.

‘It’s a lot of effort,’ Ruth said.

‘It is a lot of effort,’ Eamonn added. ‘I suspect you’d wriggle out of it, you wouldn’t really do it.’

Ruth admitted she wouldn’t mind trying it once or twice, but thought it was too much ‘on top of the washing, ironing and cooking’.

‘What about a Star Trek evening?’ Eamonn quipped. ‘You could be my lieutenant.’

Uh, guys? We’re still here.

Ruth laughed and then predicted he would like her to dress up as Nyota Uhura. 

‘Thing is you’ve probably got the outfit somewhere, haven’t you?’ Ruth asked.

Eamonn and Ruth began dating in 1997 and didn’t get married until June 2010 in Hampshire.

Hmm, how long has this Star Trek fantasy been going on then?

Ruth made sure to comment: ‘Well you’ve got quite a lot of dressing up stuff… just saying…’

Eamonn recently made headlines after making conspiracy comments on coronavirus being caused by 5G (which is obviously not true).

Ofcom had to issue guidance to ITV and its presenters as the telly watchdog received 419 complaints.

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