Do Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry and her kids have Covid-19?

KAILYN Lowry revealed unfortunate news with her social media followers following a trip to the Dominican Republic.

The Teen Mom star has four sons: Isaac, 10, Lincoln, 7, Lux Russell, 3, and Creed, 1.

Do Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry and her kids have Covid-19?

Lowry revealed the news of her positive Covid diagnosis on the August 3, 2021 episode of her podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama.

"For those of you guys listening who don't know, Vee and I have COVID," Lowry told listeners, also speaking of her cohost, Vee Rivera.

She continued by saying she and her kids tested negative while on vacation and after returning but then later began to feel sick.

"I knew because I felt like s*** all week," said Lowry of her diagnosis.

"Once I lost my taste and my smell, I knew what it was. I knew."

Rivera suspects that Lowry gave her Covid after the two filmed their podcast the week before.

"I would not have been around people if I knew I had Covid, but I tested negative twice," said Lowry.

Lowry revealed that all four of her sons and her ex, Javi Marroquin also tested positive, but were asymptomatic.

"I don't even know how this happened," she added.

She also revealed that she had contracted Covid previously after a trip to Iceland and her son, Isaac, caught the virus in March.

Is Kailyn Lowry vaccinated?

Also on the podcast, Rivera revealed that she is fully vaccinated.

"I am 100% vaccinated, so that could have helped me," Rivera said.

Although miserable while quarantining away from her family, Lowry said she was grateful to not be experiencing worse kinds of symptoms.

It is unclear if Lowry is vaccinated against Covid.

However, in a tweet from April 2020, a fan asked Lowry if she would get vaccinated once a vaccine was available.

"Absolutely not," was her reply.

The Teen Mom star has spoken out against vaccinations in the past, revealing that Lux was not vaccinated and Lincoln was only partially vaccinated.

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