Danger for Sarah Platt as she stages heist against Rick Neelan in Corrie

Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) will find herself in serious danger when she takes on Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) herself in Coronation Street, despite knowing what he did to Gary Windass (Mikey North.

And it’s all because of her wayward brother.

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) fears the net is closing in on him and Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) is starting to worry about his lies. Nick later tells Gary to be vague about how he was paid for the barber shop job to cover his tracks.

Leanne is later shocked when Sarah tells her that Nick paid Elsa out of the factory accounts, not the other way around, and the questions start popping up in her mind.

Leanne, Sarah and Toyah discuss Nick’s dodgy finances and convince themselves he’s in bed with the devil, believing he’s borrowed money from Rick Neelan.

Between them they decide they need to track down the loan shark, although Sarah backs out at the last minute. Wise move, or at least it would have been if she’d stuck to it.

Toyah and Leanne call at Rick’s office and quiz him about Nick, but he seems to be playing dumb, telling them he’s never heard of him.

They concoct a plan and call Rick pretending to be a client, but when he heads off to meet them, the two women sneak into the office and start going through his things.

But as they start searching for evidence, they’re horrified to discover they’ve been rumbled.

Sharon lets herself in the front door but all of a sudden Sarah appears – have they all been caught red handed and had their cards by crossing Rick?

They’ll have to do some fast talking to get out of this one, if they even can get out of it…

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