Dancing With the Stars’ surprising double elimination has fans furious

The Season 29 Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finals sent fans into a social media frenzy. As always, eliminations cause tweets to fly left and right, especially when multiple fan-favorites shockingly get sent home. And, that’s exactly what happened on Nov. 16, 2020’s episode — double elimination night. 

During the night’s live semifinals, fans witnessed the most perfect scores judges have probably ever given out on the almost 20-year-long series. From Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nev Schulman nailing their redemption dances to Nelly’s crowd pleasing jive, not to mention Skai Jackson’s, Johnny Weir’s, and Justina Machado’s perfect dances, the judges were truly blown away by everyone’s performances. However, no matter how mesmerizing the dances were, unfortunately, two teams had to be sent home. This, of course, was no easy task and ultimately Skai Jackson and Johnny Weir got the boot from the ballroom. 

If you’re an avid follower of Dancing with the Stars, then you know that a lot of fans were not happy with this outcome. Why? Keep reading to find out. 

Fan-favorites Skai Jackson and Johnny Weir were eliminated

Skai Jackson and Johnny Weir’s elimination on Dancing with the Stars surprised a lot of fans. The Disney actress and Olympic figure skater both have improved substantially since their first ballroom appearance. On semifinal night it became even more clear how much both teams have grown with Johnny and Skai receiving high scores on each of their performances. 

After Johnny danced a wow-worthy jazz routine with judge Derek Hough saying afterwards, “[i]t was a beautiful routine … I want to give it an 11!” and Skai moving judges with a Viennese waltz that made judge Bruno Tonioli say, “[t]he poise, the elegance, I’m telling you that could be a Vogue cover,” fans were assuming both teams would make it to the finale. However, in a shocking elimination both teams were sent home, causing many to wonder if it was due to the excellence of the cast remaining or if not enough fans showed up for their celeb favorites. 

One fan tweeted, “[h]ow does Skai not have enough votes in the competition.” And another said, “johnny and britt did not deserve that at all.. i am disappointed.” Some were even furious that Nelly, who hasn’t received the best scores from judges throughout the season, remained safe. One fan tweeted, “HOW WAS SKAI ELIMINATED WITH NELLY STILL THERE HUH.”

All in all, after this shocking double elimination night, it seems that on Dancing with the Stars, fan votes indeed matter. 

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