Countryfile’s John Craven in gardening mishap: ‘Don’t know why it’s called green fingers!’

Countryfile: John Craven jokes about 'green fingers'

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On Sunday evening, Countryfile returned to BBC One for a special Plant Britain edition, encouraging viewers to get into the garden and start to plant their own flowers and greenery. John Craven was back to host some of the episode alongside the likes of Sean Fletcher and Matt Baker, and even got himself involved with one particular gardening demonstration to show viewers how it was done.

However, getting stuck in meant John’s typically pristine appearance on-screen was compromised as he joked about the mess he’d created on his clothes and hands.

The moment came when the Countryfile star headed to Pebworth, a village in the valley of Evesham.

John was meeting with guest Isabelle Palmer, an author, columnist and social media star thanks to her work as “the Balcony Gardener”.

Isabelle has garnered quite the social media following thanks to her work of creating stunning garden designs in the smallest of spaces.

“She’ll help me create a garden in miniature,” John told BBC viewers as the two got to work creating their own green works of art.

The two got to work creating their own mini-gardens, with John particularly highlighting how the size wouldn’t mean viewers would have to exclude growing their own fruit and veg.

“I’ve been working on this great project for a couple of weeks and it’s basically growing from your kitchen waste,” Isabelle told John when he asked about growing your own produce.

Isabelle then used a spring onion as an example, using a discarded end placed in a small ramekin filled with water as the base for her creation.

“You can do so many vegetables,” Isabelle added after showing John the basics, before showing off her array of different examples including old lettuce leaves, fennel and carrots.

The two got to work planting the food waste as well as “wild carrot” seeds, digging into the mulch and compost in their windowsill-sized gardens.

Isabelle even introduced snapdragons to the mix, prompting an excited John to admit he “loves snapdragons”.

However, it soon became clear John may not have loved the aftermath of the messy process of planting the seeds as he quickly became covered in dirt.

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Joking about the rather messy mishap on his clothes and hands, John turned to Isabelle and showed his dirty hands to camera.

“I don’t know why they call it green fingers,” John joked. “It’s basically dirty fingers.”

The two shared a laugh before finishing their gardening demonstration despite the mess.

And the moment didn’t go unnoticed by viewers at home who were quick to comment on John’s gardening demo.

“Crav didn’t agree to present a gardening piece to get his hands dirty. #Countryfile,” one fan joked.

“Stop complaining Craven, just ‘cause you’ve got your hands dirty!.. #countryfile,” a second cheekily remarked.

A third weighed in on Twitter: “God love John Craven & his jokes… #countryfile.”

While a fourth tweeted: “Does anybody who works on producing #countryfile ever watch #GardenersWorld ? Huge cross over in content with ‘Plant Britain’ campaign today. Bit odd really. Half expecting Monty to take a tractor for a spin around Longmeadow next week.”

Countryfile continues Sundays on BBC One.

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