Corrie star reveals Tyrone is scared he will lose Fiz amid violent act

Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs is not a violent man, but he gets pushed to the end of his tether and beyond in upcoming episodes, as Alan Halsall, who plays him, revealed to recently.

The situation comes about after Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone discover that a book about Fiz’s former husband, serial killer John Stape, is being serialised in the local paper. This causes problems for Hope (Isabella Flanagan), who is John Stape’s daughter, when her classmates start

saying nasty things to her at school and as a result of this Nick (Ben Price) bans Sam (Jude Riordan) from associating with Hope.

‘When he hears that Sam has been told to stay away from Hope, he knows that Sam is Hope’s only friend so Tyrone loses his rag and he feels like the only way he can help is by lashing out to show that he does care,’ Alan explains. ‘It’s his way of trying to do something, anything, but as we know that is the complete wrong way for Tyrone to go about it.

‘Tyrone isn’t a violent man. He has been on the wrong end of violence too often throughout his life so it’s a real frustration that he is feeling. It’s the lack of knowing what to do in these situations that makes him lash out.’

And lash out he does – by punching Nick hard. His actions only make Nick double down on his refusal to let Sam have anything to do with Hope, and what’s worse for Tyrone, Fiz also turns on him.

‘He realises how badly he has messed up when Fiz tells him that he has gone about it in all the wrong ways,’ Alan reveals. ‘Deep down he probably knows himself that it was the wrong thing to do but he is so disappointed when Fiz tells him that too.

‘Tyrone has got a real fear of upsetting Fiz now and he doesn’t want to be doing that, he is trying to help the situation. He also just wants to show Hope that he is a good dad.’

Alan is hoping that this won’t spell the end for Tyrone and Fiz as a couple, though he likes that they get to show that relationships aren’t all plain-sailing.

‘There is a long history and a lot of love between Fiz and Tyrone but of course, every family has their issues,’ he says.

‘Every family has their problems so I think it is great that we see that but also that we see the strength that Tyrone and Fiz have, getting back together after such hard times.’

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