Corrie star reveals all as Daisy is attacked with acid on her wedding day

This is the terrifying moment that sees Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) return to Coronation Street, leading to a violent attack in which he throws acid at bride Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) on the morning of her wedding.

As Daisy gears up for her dream day with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), she is keen to put the horrendous few months behind her.

After pushing her fears that the wedding is cursed aside, Daisy looks a million dollars as she gets ready to leave The Rovers for a final time as Miss Midgeley.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who has stepped in as wedding chauffeur, goes behind the bar to get Daisy but they are both horrified to find Justin lurking in the shadows in the pub.

Justin, holding a glass full of clear liquid, advances on Daisy as he throws acid at her, in scenes that will leave viewers horrified.

‘Daisy thinks Justin has finally got the message on her wedding day, because she hasn’t seen him for a few days,’ actress Charlotte explained to

‘It’s a brave thing, to still do the wedding even though there’s so much going on. I think they both feel that if they can get married and get to the next step, it will be another message to Justin that she isn’t available for him.’

This is something that gets under obsessive Justin’s skin – with an attitude of ‘if I can’t have her, no-one will’, he sets out to physically and mentally scar her for life.

And when Daisy comes face to face with him in the pub, she soon realises how serious the situation is about to become.

What’s Daisy’s reaction when she sees Justin in the pub?

‘She’s been scared, angry, all sorts of things,’ Charlotte told us. ‘Seeing him again after being warned multiple times, she’s exasperated and definitely scared of how he’s going to react.

‘To do something like that, I don’t know how you could understand it. It’s so evil to try and take away someone’s identity, I don’t even know how you could really start to think about something like that.

‘When it happens, she just focuses on the here and now – how to get to the hospital, how do I make this better?’

It’s a story that was pitched to Charlotte last year, with the Katie Piper Foundation and Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) supporting the show from the outset.

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Saying she ‘wants to do a very dark thing justice,’ the actress admitted she was stunned when told what was ahead.

‘I was shocked!’ she exclaimed. ‘I didn’t think they’d go that route with it. You don’t usually see that on television, I was really surprised by it.’

But what is it like to film such a thing?

‘I have to go the other way and contrast and snap in and snap out,’ Charlotte mused. ‘I have to be happy and talk about things, if not it gets really draining at home.

‘I like to be happy, play good music, have nice snacks and then do the work. You are trying to do a really dark thing justice and then on the day, just leave it out on the floor.’

Addressing the decision to explore the storyline, Coronation Street’s boss Iain MacLeod said: ‘We were keen to show the long-term reality for people who are subjected to this kind of attack.

‘It is something we might often read about in the papers but perhaps don’t fully understand, in terms of the depth and variety of effects it can have.

‘As well as the medical impacts, we explore the social fallout of having your appearance profoundly changed, both in terms of your own ability to process that and how the wider world reacts to you.

‘The story will at times be heartbreaking but we felt it was an important one to tell.’

In 2021, there were 420 reported acid attacks in the UK, with this number likely to be much higher than the information available.

The UK number of attacks in 2021 far exceeds the number of reported attacks in other countries where acid attacks have been prevalent including India, Mexico, Colombia.

The Katie Piper Foundation is the only UK based charity to deliver both mental and physical rehabilitation to survivors of burns and traumatic scarring.

Chief Executive Sarah Green said: ‘The Katie Piper Foundation were happy to support the team at Coronation Street to understand both the initial and long-lasting impact of an acid attack.

‘The Katie Piper Foundation supports survivors of burns and traumatic scarring. Burns can happen in an instant, to anyone at any time, and within seconds survivors can be faced with a lifetime of recovery.

‘We focus not only on the physical recovery of a survivor, but also the mental recovery addressing issues such as sight loss, PTSD, limb loss and new visible differences.

‘Coronation Street have shown determination in their research to portray the reality of such attacks and the long-lasting impact they have, not only on the individual, but also the family and the wider community.

‘We hope that story line delivers much needed awareness around the life of all survivors of burns – not just the initial impact but the proceeding hours, days, months and years of their lives.’

The episode will air on Monday March 27 at 8pm on ITV.

You can find more support and information on the websites of The Katie Piper Foundation and The Acid Survivors Trust International.

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