Coronation Street's Sarah Platt hates brother Nick again and the family will be torn apart by his theft from gran Audrey, reveals Tina O'Brian

CORONATION Street’s Sarah Platt will hate her brother Nick again after she discovers he has stolen from their grandma Audrey.

Next week the Platt family head off on holiday, for a week of specials at 9pm, and David (Jack P Shepherd) will finally tell Audrey (Sue Nicholls) that Nick stole her £80,000 and it will rock the family.

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Tina O’ Brian, who plays Sarah, admitted:  "She feels so betrayed with Nick. David is quite remorseful, but Sarah feels Nick has an attitude, which she is really hurt by.

“As far as she is concerned, she never wants to see Nick again. She doesn't want to work in the factory with him, she wants him out."

Asked if she thinks it will break the family, she said: "Yes, I do. Audrey is heartbroken. What they have done to her is unforgivable and so painful. Sarah feels very betrayed by them as well."

In upcoming scenes David finds his gran sitting by the side of the lake and readies himself to tell her the truth.

Nick finds them and hurries over just as David drops the bombshell that Nick stole her money and he helped him spend it.

Audrey is shell shocked by the revelation and feels utterly betrayed by her grandsons.

Back on the cobbles, Nick tells Leanne that he stole the money because David forced him to do it, throwing his brother under the bus.

Later Nick has a proposition for David. He tells him that if he takes the rap for stealing the money, he’ll sign his half of the barber’s shop over to him.

It was revealed last week that Nick will get his comeuppance and will appear in court charged with fraud.

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