Coronation Streets Emma heartbroken as Curtis is exposed after faking illness

Coronation Street fan favourite Emma Brooker is set for heartache next week, as she discovers her fiancé Curtis Delamere has been keeping a sinister secret from her.

Curtis has allegedly been suffering from a terminal heart condition which has left doctors baffled – but viewers now know that he is faking his illness.

And now, Emma is finally set to find out the hard truth.

As she babysits Hope and Ruby, she heads to the TV to switch off Curtis' doctor DVD – but is puzzled to hear the doctor using the same phrase Curtis used while tending to Harvey the night of the catastrophic storm.

Emma turns to Gemma to discuss the coincidence, and simultaneously are horrified to discover that Ruby has swallowed one of Curtis' pills.

The women rush Ruby to A&E and Emma shows the doctor the pills, explaining that her fiancé suffers from a heart condition. However, the doctor soon confirms Ruby will be fine – as she only swallowed a vitamin. Emma is left confused.

Back home, a stunned Emma assures Tyrone it was only a false alarm, and his daughter just swallowed a vitamin pill.

When Curtis returns home, alleging he's exhausted after a run, Emma confronts him with the pill box and demands answers. But will he come clean?

Desperate for the truth, Emma quizzes Dr Handley about her boyfriend's condition, but he refuses to let anything slip.

Frustrated, she turns to desperate measures and calls Neville, Curtis' dad. As she grills him about his son's illness, will he spill the beans?

Hanging his head in shame, Curtis finally admits the whole truth – that he's not dying.

He explains to Emma how he first feigned illness during his parents' divorce, how he enjoyed the attention and once he'd started, simply couldn't stop.

Curtis goes on to admit that his medical training was also a lie, leaving Emma to declare that she'll never be able to trust him again and to pack his bags.

Before she can share the news with dad Steve, he tells her about the £4,000 Curtis raised for Oliver's fund and how they want to thank him.

It looks like all hope might not be lost, as Emma accompanies Curtis to a psychologist appointment. Emma listens, overwhelmed, as he explains how he's spent years convincing people he's dying because he enjoys the attention.

Curtis assures his bride-to-be that he's fully intending to get better, that he loves her more than anything and the wedding could be the best day of their lives.

Emma explains to half-sister Amy that Curtis is suffering from a factitious disorder and is seeing a psychologist. An astounded Amy insists she can't go ahead with the wedding and must tell the rest of the family the truth.

Meanwhile – unaware of what's gone down – a drunk Steve hands Curtis his bank card and PIN, asking him to transfer the money they raised to Oliver's charity account.

Back home, Curtis opens his laptop and takes out Steve's bank card – but will he go through with the transfer?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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