Coronation Street spoilers: Grace Vickers blackmails Ed and Aggie Bailey for a HOUSE with daughter Glory

GRACE Vickers will blackmail Ed and Aggie Bailey for a house with daughter Glory next week in Coronation Street.

Michael Bailey's estranged girlfriend – played by Kate Spencer in the ITV soap – is about to cause a rift between her in-laws.

At the start of the week Ed shows Grace a house that he plans on renovating and renting for some extra cash.

This makes Grace think about her future with daughter Glory and Michael, so Ed agrees to help them – but Michael isn't happy.

Later on Grace reveals that has has been offered a job in Hull and is happy to take it as she has nothing tying her down in Weatherfield.

Michael tells her that he doesn't want to buy a house with her just yet because he wants his business to grow, so Grace agrees to start working for him.

However Michael's feelings towards Grace soon become very clear to the rest of his family and his uncle Ronnie pleads with him to tell her the truth.

Things don't end well and Grace returns to No.3 to pack her bags and leave.

Aggie and Ed don't want Glory to leave so will do anything to stop her.

Grace tells the couple that she will only stay in Weatherfield if they give her the house that Ed previously mentioned earlier on in the week.

This leaves the pair in a huge predicament.

What do you think they'll decide to do?

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