Coronation Street fans in tears as Alina tragically miscarries her baby after Hopes flat fire

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Coronation Street fans were left in tears on Wednesday night as Alina Pop discovered that she had tragically miscarried her baby boy in heartbreaking scenes.

Earlier this week, Alina was rushed to hospital after her boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs' daughter Hope Stape appeared to set fire to their flat after she was seen looking menacingly at a lit candle and bottle of nail polish remover.

On Wednesday, Alina was the under the impression that she and the baby would be okay as she went to leave the hospital after being discharged by doctors.

However, just as she was about to head home, she suddenly had a sharp pain as she told medical staff that she was bleeding as they rushed her for an emergency scan.

As Alina and Tyrone nervously waited for results, the couple were told devastating news as a doctor explained that their baby boy's heart had stopped beating.

She said: "I am so sorry, but the baby's heart has stopped beating. I am so sorry Alina, you're miscarrying the baby."

Alina and Tyrone were left devastated as she emotionally said: "It's my fault, I left the candle on, I killed our baby," to which Tyrone pleaded: "Please, please don't say that."

To which the doctor added: "You must not blame yourself Alina, we don't know why this happened, all sorts of things can cause a miscarriage."

Tyrone continued: "You didn't feel right yesterday, you had a scare, it could have been the start. The fire, it could just be a coincidence."

Alina tearfully replied: "What if I'm to blame? How will you ever forgive me?"

Evelyn Plummer then told Tyrone's daughters Ruby and Hope the devastating news, saying: "Daddy wants me to tell you something, he's had a little bit of bad news.

"You know you were going to get a baby brother, well, Alina has lost the baby."

To which Hope said: "So are we not getting a baby brother?" with Evelyn replying: "I'm afraid not, no."

Viewers were left devastated over the scenes as they took to Twitter to share their heartbreak for both Alina and Tyrone.

One person said: "I feel sorry for Alina losing her baby… #Corrie," followed by crying emojis.

A different fan put: "I'm heartbroken for Tyrone and Alina #Corrie."

Another follower commented: "OMG what a week for poor Alina. Stomach pains, finding out they think she's having a boy, picking out actual names. Then immediately losing it as after a totally cruel/heartbreaking fire #Corrie."

While a different soap watcher added: "Can't believe that Tyrone & Alina lost their baby boy x #Corrie x @itvcorrie x."

Next week's Coronation Street sees Tyrone lie to girlfriend Alina to protect his daughter Hope.

Soap watchers were left horrified after Hope appeared to set fire to Tyrone and pregnant Alina's flat while the latter was still in it and she was consequently rushed to hospital.

Next week it sees Tyrone weigh up the pros and cons of telling girlfriend Alina that his daughter Hope was the person who started the flat fire.

Tyrone tells Evelyn that Fiz Stape and Hope have gone to stay with her mother Cilla and he then gives Alina the flat keys, making out that he found them in a jacket pocket — despite Hope stealing them.

The ruse works on Alina, who starts delving into her past in a bid to find the arsonist, but Evelyn knows Tyrone is hiding something and doesn’t let up until he breaks down and confesses all. Will Evelyn keep quiet?

During Monday night's episode, Hope was left furious after Tyrone had to cancel their day out after he had to rush pregnant girlfriend Alina to the hospital for an emergency scan, where they discovered everything was okay.

Upon their arrival home, Hope had brought Alina and her unborn sibling a dinosaur teddy, however when she overheard they were having a baby boy, she was left seething with jealousy and sneakily stole their flat key.

The young girl had been left upset over Tyrone splitting from her mother Fiz on the cobbles, leaving her resorting back to her old trouble-making ways.

Speaking to her mother Fiz, she said:"They're having a baby boy, dad is so happy… they don't know I heard them talking. He's going to love that baby more than me and Ruby."

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She added: "I hate him and I hate that baby," to which a horrified Fiz said: "You don't mean that!" with Hope yelling: "Yes I do!" as she was sent to her room.

The episode ended with Alina being rushed off in an ambulance as a concerned Tyrone told the paramedic: "Listen, she's pregnant. Will the baby be okay?" while Hope was seen looking down at the scenes from her bedroom window.

For support & information for those affected by miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancy call 01924 200799 or visit

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